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Comment: Password managers (Score 2) 549

by Faux_Pseudo (#48135009) Attached to: Password Security: Why the Horse Battery Staple Is Not Correct

After Heartbleed I brought up my password manager and changed 140 passwords in a few hours. If it wasn't for my password manager I would have never even known I had 140 passwords to change.
These things are amazing. Randomized passwords for all my accounts. In the event of a catastrophic failure all I have to do is remember three passwords to get everything back. My email password. my cloud password and the password to the encrypted db of passwords. As a person who deals every day with people who "don't even remember setting a password for that" I wish more people used these.

Comment: Give the man a medal (Score 3, Insightful) 17

by Faux_Pseudo (#46669111) Attached to: Scientist Quits Effort To Live-Blog Stem Cell Generation

People (science deniers) are always talking about how scientists are only interested in their grants and saying what the popular opinion is to get more grants. The truth is that you can't make a name for yourself in science (and thus get money) by supporting the popular opinion. You only win a Nobel Prize by challenging the status quo and messing up everyone's preconceived notions.

This guy is a hero despite not being able to do what he wanted because he looked at the data and said "Wait, what? This is BS."
"This is BS." is how you get things done in science.

Comment: newsgroups (Score 1) 259

by Faux_Pseudo (#41951011) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Way To Add Forums To a Website?

Every time I see a forum all I find is web interfaces that are trying to imitate newsgroups. But they do it so poorly. I would give anything to have half the functionality of newsgroups in a forum. I totally understand that a web interface for nntp would cause its own problems but I have to wonder if a web interface on a nntp backend might be easier to develop than these forums that are trying to replace it's functionality.

I have wanted Slashdot to offer up a NNTP server for more than 12 years. If they did I would gladly pay them a monthly fee.

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