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Comment: Re:Approaching the problem from the outside in. (Score 2) 105

by FatdogHaiku (#49072091) Attached to: Nanotech Makes Steel 10x Stronger
If using less materials would be considered "green", then doing so by electroplating would be considered "red"... as in, rhymes with dead... getting rid of heavy metals, nasty solvents, and cyanide can also drive up costs.

Comment: Re:skynet (Score 2) 291

by FatdogHaiku (#49056569) Attached to: Should We Really Try To Teach Everyone To Code?

We need to teach people how to use logic, perform analysis and give clear descriptions of what they want to happen

That would be every politician's nightmare... you can't have people thinking and reasoning, they are way too hard to control if they can figure anything out on their own.
What makes the job easy is to make everything an emotional issue requiring visceral over reaction.

Comment: Re:thank god for mississippi (Score 2) 297

by FatdogHaiku (#48989163) Attached to: Mississippi - the Nation's Leader In Vaccination Rates
Well you could knock me over with a plate of biscuits and gravy...
damn, now I gotta drive down town for biscuits and gravy...

I'm stunned to see a southern state that has no "religious exemption" or "retarded parent waiver"(I may have paraphrased that one) allowing a bunch of little germ factories to scamper from place to place spreading misery.

Comment: Re:HUD in a car? (Score 1) 51

Yes, so it would not be a HUD perhaps, but the screen could be a display. That way it could work during the day as well.

So... maybe something to let me play Call of Duty Advanced Warfare while I'm driving to work?
That would be so much better than Candy Crush or just texting... </jk>

Comment: Re:*cough* bullshit *cough* (Score 5, Interesting) 183

by FatdogHaiku (#48957893) Attached to: The "Cool Brick" Can Cool Off an Entire Room Using Nothing But Water
Really it's just swamp cooler media. The only thing that makes swamp cooling viable is high CFM airflow. I lived with evaporative cooling only (no refrigerated a/c) for 25 years and a small house needs at least a 3000 CFM squirrel cage fan encased in a frame of three or four water soaked paper lattice or Excelsior wood fiber pads providing the moisture. The biggest problem is cooling media degradation due to calcification from hard water. As the water evaporates it leaves minerals behind. Some minerals do get suspended in the air, making a fine white dust, but most of the "lime" rinses through the media and is collected by a pump that runs it through the media again. The water becomes supersaturated in a day and dumps the precipitate on the media as the water evaporates and the temperature of the pad drops. Pumps with a "purge cycle" mitigate the issue somewhat but the media (and pump, and tubing) still becomes plugged and brittle in at most two seasons. Do you print a new wall at that point, or use purified water from the start? A new wood fiber pad is under four bucks (google "swamp cooler pads"), so I don't see how printing media is going to be useful. Passive cooling with wind power is right out, if the air is not moving fast enough it just warms up and then you have heat and humidity.

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