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Comment Re:Moronic (Score 1) 157

What is wrong with a simple slot for the pen? Why do you need an ejection mechanism? All that does is add unnecessary parts and over complicate the design.

See, I was thinking the exact opposite... Have a mini-rail gun launch the pen so it can never get "stuck".
As a bonus write an app that will use the whole battery potential to shoot the s-pen like a blowgun dart!

Now I'm seeing a MacGyver comeback for the digital age!
We will need the modern version of a mullet though...

Comment Re:drunks.. (Score 1) 67

I did think about spinning a still... but it would have to maintain a steady temperature so that means spinning it in evenly heated air, or spinning it in a vacuum and putting the heaters on the inside (ok until cleaning time). Also, to get a meaningful amount of product it would be best to have a spinning space station... otherwise you have a giant gyro inside your habitat and that could turn maneuvering suddenly (to avoid space junk for example) into an exciting game of "Oh Crap, we can't go (x) direction unless we stop the 1000 kg still from rotating first... and that action alone is going to move the space station in some manner!" Really you get the same issue with a spinning space station, large gyros do not like to be pushed, unless you do it in an exact manner.

Comment Re:I could choose to not install Flash. But HTML5 (Score 1) 220

Six years ago I was running a Core2 Quad (@ 2.5 gHz) with 8gB of RAM...
16 years ago I had an old CPU and 512mB of RAM.
Can't count the number of systems I've had between them...
But it was nicer when email attachments were the threat and javascript made images change on mouseover/mouseout.

Comment Re:drunks.. (Score 4, Interesting) 67

Was the author drinking, whiskey when they titled this submission

I would think so, given that they are shipping already created whiskey up there to sit in zero G... This is about aging booze in zero-G, not creating it there. Having toured a distillery, I can tell you gravity is a very required component in fractional distillation... And during aging gravity helps move the alcohol inside the barrel, via convection.

The title really had me thinking about how you do fractional distillation when there's really no force separating liquid from vapor. Maybe you could use a laser or concentrated sunlight to heat the outside edge of a floating glob of wort and draw the vapor off with vacuum device... I don't think heating the whole mess to boiling would be very productive.

One interesting thing about getting out of a gravity well is everything we ever did before has to be adjusted for the lack of this pull we have been tied to forever. Maybe new alloys could be formed, or other chemical reactions might produce altered results, all from the lack of having a separating force missing from the process.

Comment Re:Glass pencil holders (Score 1) 43

OK, so other than some flower vases, as well has hard to clean (but cool looking) beer glasses, what is the real utility?

Sorry for being a naysayer, but the whole 3D printed "revolution" has been underwhelming thus far. It has a really high cool factor, but I am still waiting to see a whole lot of useful stuff come from it.

When motorcycles were first spring up in the late 1800's, people had the same basic attitude.
Now we have some devices that go from zero to 200+ mph so fast you can have a hard time remaining properly seated... and that's if your shorts stay clean.
What something is at the prototype stage (and that's where 3d printing is now) has no bearing on what it may become. This is doubly true given we are just trying out zero gravity printing and biological printing. So I'll wait and not get too worked up about the pace of progress... I saw what the cell phone has become (so far) and I expect greater things from 3d printing.

Comment Re:WtF? (Score 1) 128

They (SpiderOak) started out doing it monthly, then realized that if anything happened to change the canary status, it would be after months of legal process and so they settled on six months. There is a fairy interesting FAQ on the topic of warrant canaries here:

Comment Re:not fucking close (Score 4, Informative) 147

15 million could be way too much or barely enough. Are these studies solely focused on theoretical and simulations, or are they actually building and testing in the real world?

My guess would be: "Not even fucking close to enough".

They need a fully manned mockup, for the ship showing that self contained environment would even work for the duration of the trip.

Then they need to facilities to demonstrate that after that trip they can set up facilities that will allow them to even survive.

If you want to reference the scale of the operation for the simulation, just look at the some analysis of what it would have taken to fake the moon landing back in the 60s, then scale that up to several years duration.

So... Space Biosphere Ventures, part deux?

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