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Comment Re:How about that (Score 1) 93

We get to see Neil's blurry thumb 2,000 times.

One small jiggle for a man, one giant blur for humanity!
Actually, some of the side shots of craters are a great example of shadows seemingly "going the wrong way" do to topology. And the curvature of the moon is so apparent on shots featuring a horizon, very nice. Thanks NASA.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 5, Funny) 570

Not only are you flushing your money down the toilet, but getting all those empty bottles out of our waste stream would be a great benefit for all of us.

I'm rich enough that I only fill my toilet tanks with the finest imported bottled water. It's only the best for my effluence!


Re-bottle that and you could sell it as "Affluent Effluent" brand liquid fertilizer!

Comment Re: hey, CBS doesn't promote Fox, either (Score 3, Insightful) 223

I don't see it as a COI. Amazon sells stuff, including streaming services, that is their Primary Interest. If a hardware vendor chooses not to support the streaming service Amazon sells, why should Amazon sell the hardware? My corner grocer stopped selling a cream cheese made from yogurt and that space is now filled by it's own brand of similar (but lesser value) yogurt cheese... that's OK because they own the store, not me. I wish they would sell what I want, but they don't so if really I want it I can shop elsewhere. Not every store has to sell every product. Other stores sell the products, and if the products are good they may soon be selling more of them.

Comment Re: Fail idea (Score 2) 288

There's no reason they can't decide to start doing that for all updates.

There might be. For instance. Microsoft might have contractual obligations to release those patch descriptions publicly for Windows 7. They've kept whole operating systems going past EoL to handle government contracts before.

As far as I know, the US Navy is still paying $9,000,000 a year for XP support, but that is set to end in June of 2017.
XP Point of Sale systems support also ends in 2017.

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (7) Well, it's an excellent idea, but it would make the compilers too hard to write.