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Comment: Because Socialism. (Score -1, Troll) 431

by FatSean (#43172159) Attached to: EU Car Makers Manipulating Fuel Efficiency Figures

When Consumer Reports wants to test a product (including cars), they don't go to the manufacturer, much less let the manufacturer run the testing process! They buy the product anonymously at normal retail, and then test it in their own labs. Why can't regulatory agencies like the EPA and its European Union equivalent do the same thing?

Which is pretty much why.

Comment: Desperation breeds war. (Score 1, Interesting) 480

It is pretty douchy that Israel didn't have to sign the NPT but gets weapons and reactors. These sanctions are just going to make Iran desperate. And for what? Because they might make a few nuclear weapons? North Korea hasn't nuked anyone and they talk all sorts of crazy shit.

Comment: Re:Yet Another Terrible Flamebait Slashdot Summary (Score 1) 757

by FatSean (#38148932) Attached to: 88-Year-Old Inventor Hassled By the DEA

Some people are rooting for a different team than the one that GG is commonly associated with. These sorts of hard-line mouth-breathers hold "the other teams" to a higher standard than their own.

I mean, we gave Bush 2 shots at the Executive position despite his destruction of two profitable businesses while at the helm.

"No job too big; no fee too big!" -- Dr. Peter Venkman, "Ghost-busters"