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Comment Re:Third Dimension (Score 4, Interesting) 1167 1167

Actually, given a drone's capacity to record or transmit video it probably qualifies as a surveillance device, and there's plenty of case law which says using surveillance devices to circumvent what would otherwise be private is indeed illegal. I doubt new laws are necessary at all.


Clarificiation on the IP Address Security in Dropbox Case 152 152

Bennett Haselton writes A judge rules that a county has to turn over the IP addresses that were used to access a county mayor's Dropbox account, stating that there is no valid security-related reason why the IP addresses should be exempt from a public records request. I think the judge's conclusion about IP addresses was right, but the reasoning was flawed; here is a technically more correct argument that would have led to the same answer. Keep Reading to see what Bennett has to say about the case.

Comment Re:How badly coded are Windows applications? (Score 3, Informative) 349 349

I’m also an electronic technician, I have reprints of articles going back to the 1930s from Europe, the UK and Australia which use the notation I described, and you can even find it stamped on components from those regions. Either is acceptable as far as I’m concerned, as long as the nomenclature is consistent.

Submission + - Irish Girls Win Google Science Fair With Astonishing Crop Yield Breakthrough-> 1 1

An anonymous reader writes: Irish teenagers Ciara Judge, Émer Hickey and Sophie Healy-Thow, all 16, have won the Google Science Fair 2014. Their project, Combating the Global Food Crisis, aims to provide a solution to low crop yields by pairing a nitrogen-fixing bacteria that naturally occurs in the soil with cereal crops it does not normally associate with, such as barley and oats. The results were incredible: the girls found their test crops germinated in half the time and had a drymass yield up to 74 percent greater than usual.
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How Flickr Is Courting the Next Generation of Photographers 97 97

First time accepted submitter Molly McHugh writes Flickr Vice President Bernardo Hernandez explains how the beloved photo platform is targeting a new generation that's addicted to smartphones. “10 or 15 years ago it was expensive and complicated to explore the world of photography,” Hernandez said. "Very few people could afford that—[it is] no surprise the best photographers 20 years ago were older people. We believe all of that is changing with the mobile [photography] revolution."

Comment Re:No it was Apple, but ... (Score 1) 172 172

The article you're probably thinking of is this one. It was effectively Adobe's response to an inquiry into software pricing by the ACCC (Australian equivalent of the FTC) last year (along with claiming that the increased cost was due to language translations...last I checked we speak English here).

Apple's AU tax is 10%, which doesn't make traveling to the US even remotely economic.

Submission + - Former World Leaders to Meet with UN to Discuss Drug Decriminalization->

EwanPalmer writes: Several former world leaders and members of the United Nations are set to call upon governments around the world to decriminalize drugs.

Former presidents of Brazil, Columbia and Switzerland are among the former leaders who have united to call for proper regulation of drug use and possession, along with Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, former Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour.

A report, released by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, says it is time to "break the taboo" and admit the way on drugs is a "failure" as well as recommending new major reforms for drug prohibition. The Commissioners are also set to meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson to discuss the proposals mentioned in the report.

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Submission + - Ebola In India : 88 NRI's Tested For Ebola Virus->

nottynavi writes: The Ebola virus has made up a havoc in the whole world. The Who has been engaged form the very beginning of this Virus but still no one has developed a 100% secure Vaccine for this Devil. The Ebola has hit the Liberia hard and now all the world is threatening for the outbreak of this virus in There respective countries. There has been a huge massacre spread in all over India about this virus. The Indian government has issued red Alert at all the international airports of the country and all the NRI's from Ebola hit countries have to go through a mandatory check up in order to get there feet on there India. A few days ago India tested 88 NRI's for Ebola Virus. Out of these 88 NRI's, 1 NRI was suffering from fever and a Soar Throat. All the NRI's except this one were allowed to move to there homes. How ever a few days later, This person was found Negative in Ebola virus test fortunately. There has been a strict checking in Liberia as well, No Ebola infected person is allowed to leave the Country. The Scientist all around the Globe are trying to make the vaccination of this virus. There have been many submissions to WHO by various companies around the world, but the WHO has still not declared any official vaccination for this virus.
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