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Journal Journal: Sorry for the delay ... but ...

I had written the first dozen or so chapters, and it's quite possible that putting all that mental energy into the nasty events of the past played a part in the 6-8 month depression that started last winter. I've also been troubled by the effects it would have had, even on the guilty parties ... just because someone might deserve a smack on the head doesn't mean I have to be the one to bear the guilt of actually administering it. And there is always collateral damage.

And then on the news last night, it turns out I've been violating the law big time. I don't have the legal right to release the story of what happened to me when I was a kid without first getting a court order to that effect. And I don't have the energy to do that, certainly not at this time.

So, now that I'm able to use a computer for more than an hour at a time because I can read well enough with my right eye, oh well, c'est la vie. Too bad because it's a damned interesting story according to everyone who knows it. Well, almost everyone. My sisters disagreed, same as with the whole sex change thing.

On to the next thing, I guess ...

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Journal Journal: Poor F*ckfox 3

Really got to hate how it can get so hung up on javascript that it can't even display the "stop script" dialog :-( That's definitely an implementation bug. Will it ever get fixed?

[_] I doubt it
[_] Ever heard of "heat death of the universe?"
[_] Hahahahahaha.
[_] It's not a bug, it's a feature. Really.
[_] We couldn't duplicate the bug (because we don't use firefox internally)
[_] Sorry, but with all the bazillions we're going to make from FirefoxOS, Fire TV Stick, FireFox Phone (not to be confused with the equally defunct FirePhone), Firefox Tablet, etc, we're just waiting to spin off the browser to some sucker.

I wouldn't say it's limping along quite as slowly as slackware, but ...

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Journal Journal: Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump, Univision buys 40% of The Onion 13

The New York Times and other sources are reporting that Sarah Palin is back in the spotlight, endorsing Donald Trump. Iowa republicans will just eat this up.

And a large chunk of The Onion has been sold to Univision

n a memo to employees, Mike McAvoy, the president and chief executive of Onion Inc., said the deal came after the company had searched for a partner during the last year to help the company grow. He said that after acquiring a âoegood chunkâ of Onion Inc., Univision could acquire the remainder of the company in the future. Time reports that Univision bought a 40% stake.

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Journal Journal: Art imitates life 1

The bibie:

One Book to rule them all,
One Book to find them,
One Book to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them.

Burma Shave

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Journal Journal: Obligatory year in review 2015 2

This last year or so has been pretty bad, with a bout of depression that lasted 6 months over the winter, and new medication pretty much making me tired all the time. HOWEVER, the good news is it seems to be working okay, and next month maybe we'll reduce the dose and I'll get back some of my ability to concentrate.

The left eye is still distorted and blurry, so reading with it is out of the question, but my brain has learned to ignore it when I'm using the computer. The right eye (my good one) I started seeing halos around bright lights at night, and this went on for months. Then on the 27th, I woke up with blood in my eye, which slowly disappeared - and so did the halos that night. Must have been a vessel growing in just the wrong place, I guess.

I had been warned that everyone develops a cataract within 2 years of a vitrectomy, so maybe that's what's happening with the left eye, but there were no signs the last time it was checked. We'll see what happens at the 2 year mark in February. I'm optimistic, but if worse comes to worse, it's not a big deal in comparison.

One of my friends and neighbor died in early November. Her little dog Jack used to run up the stairs every morning to my place, and I'd bring him back home at bedtime. Her daughter and granddaughter live in another apartment downstairs, so he'll probably start spending time down there sometime in the new year. I suspect it will be a hard process - he was down there for one evening and at bedtime they brought him back because he was whining to come see me. Looking at him reminds me of his owner ...

For the first time ever, this year I started renting out my spare bedroom. Two different guys rented it, each for four-month intervals. Turns out it was fun to have company. And fun to clue them in a couple of weeks before they were due to leave, and watch their reactions. Should have made a video! Got a new roommate coming in next month - I had to set up skype (never bothered using it before) to give her a virtual tour of the place and say hi to the dogs, so it will be good having another woman around instead of a guy.

So I guess the year is ending better than it started. Hopefully next year will be better for every one of us. So, see you around in 2016!

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Journal Journal: Punitive Between-Comment delay? 4

I have Excellent karma, as usual, but I have a five minute delay between my posts. It seems to have appeared on my account again after the last time I said something mean about a Slashdot "editor". Is this something that Slashdot has done to everyone recently, or is it a punitive action against me specifically by one of the "editors"?

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Journal Journal: They can't say "You haven't changed a bit" 2

Ever meet someone who you last saw each other as kids? My sister Sandra in the convalescent home gave me Sherri's phone number and we agreed to both visit Sandra yesterday, and that I'd be there a bit ahead of time.

She had already talked to my sister Cathy, and when Sherri had asked about me, Cathy had said "______ is now Barbara."

So I'm sitting there talking to Sandra and Sherri walks in. We say "hi" to each other, and Sherri asks Sandra "Did she hang around with us when we were kids?"

I say "You know me." "No I don't." "Yes, you do!" (LOUD) "OH F*CK!

Life is like magnets - it's magic :-)

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Journal Journal: Why libressl is stupid 2

I really want to like libressl. But it pretends to be openssl badly. They refused a patch that would have mitigated this whole RAND_egd problem by simply returning that it doesn't work when someone tries to use it, which means that you commonly need a patch to use it at all. If it's not going to work like openssl, then it shouldn't occupy the same space in the filesystem.

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Journal Journal: Now I can say "I told you so!" Duggars 19 Kids and Counting is DEAD 8

Back when I said that the Duggars were irresponsible over-breeders who were ignoring the over-population problem, I got a *lot* of flack saying, basically, that they were able to raise their kids properly and provide for them, so so what".

Turns out they were most certainly NOT raising their kids properly, despite their smarmy christian family values. Turns out they've been hiding a secret - their son Josh molested 5 of his sisters and at least one other young girl 12 years ago, and they covered it up.

They did tell the cops - specifically a friend of theirs, a sheriff who is now doing 56 years for kiddie porn. All he did was give Josh Duggar a stern talking to. The church? Pray for forgiveness. After all, they hid it until the statute of limitations was past, so not much else to do.

The only reason it came out was because one of the victims had written about it, and hid the story in a book, which she lent out years later. Otherwise, the Duggars would still be on TV.

Josh "no longer works for the Family Research Council, a right-wing christian organization that recently campaigned against same-sex parents adopting children because of the potential dangers to the child.

Told you so - though it's sick that it had to come to this when there were warning signs that something was not right with that family years ago.

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