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Comment: Re:Just wondering (Score 1) 223

by myowntrueself (#49795943) Attached to: Why Detecting Drones Is a Tough Gig

They are controlled by radio which can be detected.

Why would I need to control it? I'd program it with a path and actions and it would execute them in radio silence.

It could be set up with on-line remote control to fly it in manually then upload a program and disconnect the radio. Ie fly it up to the edge of the detection network, survey the location, plan a flight path to get to the objective as safely and reliably as possible, upload the program then disconnect the radio and the drone performs its recon or attack run. This is not science fiction.

You can't rely on detecting radio signals either.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 1) 396

I can completely understand the rest of Europes desire to see the UK leave the EU. As a British citizen who finds life in the UK dull, drab, overcrowded and the only respite from the dullness and drabness is the violence and crime caused by the deep social problems confronting the UK, I'm really really glad that its so easy for me to live and work anywhere else in the EU. I can't understand why so many people want to come to the UK, they must be very misguided and misinformed.

Sadly, people like me are almost the only people who actually benefit from the UK being a member of the EU. Oh, me and most of the business leaders in the UK.

Comment: Re:What About The Innocent? (Score 2) 159

by myowntrueself (#49753185) Attached to: The Body Cam Hacker Who Schooled the Police

What about the innocent people being filmed by the police, and by innocent I mean those who have not yet been proven guilty? Or does Seattle also have some magical hacker system that can provide due process and justice within the same 24 hour period?

The main purpose of the law is to ensure that everyone is guilty of something.

+ - Samba user survey results - Improve the documentation !->

Submitted by Jeremy Allison - Sam
Jeremy Allison - Sam writes: Mark Muehlfeld of the Samba Team recently surveyed our user base and recently reported the results at the SambaXP conference in Germany.

They make fascinating reading, and include all the comments on Samba made by our users. Short answer — we must improve our documentation. Here are the full results:


                Jeremy Allison,
                Samba Team.

Link to Original Source

Student Photographer Threatened With Suspension For Sports Photos 379

Posted by timothy
from the you-belong-to-the-state dept.
sandbagger writes: Anthony Mazur is a senior at Flower Mound High School in Texas who photographed school sports games and other events. Naturally he posted them on line. A few days ago he was summoned to the principal's office and threatened with a suspension and 'reporting to the IRS' if he didn't take those 4000 photos down. Reportedly, the principal's rationale was that the school has copyright on the images and not him.

Comment: Re:Now Germany! (Score 2) 100

by myowntrueself (#49736699) Attached to: US Levels Espionage Charges Against 6 Chinese Nationals

What enemy is on Greeces border?? Turkey is a Greek ally, they are pledged to defend each other

Russia does not border with Greece, but Kaliningrad is right near to Germany, just a quick hop over the Baltic

Turkey and Greece are both members of NATO but, while being NATO member states have still almost gone to war! The border is still full of land mines.

Comment: Re:How would nukes exert force on an asteroid? (Score 1) 150

In atmosphere, nukes produce blast because of high energy x-rays igniting atmosphere. This won't happen in space.

So how would letting off a nuke near or on an asteroid produce reaction and change the course of the asteroid?

Basically, the x-rays will ignite the surface of the asteroid instead. If the material in the asteroid is sub-optimal for this purpose, there have been designs of turning a nuclear bomb into a kinetic weapon that should work in this regard. Basically the bomb sits in an x-ray reflective shell, and when the bomb explodes, the x-rays bounce around the shell before the exploded bits of the bomb destroy it and exit an aperture. At the end of the aperture is a large, dense block of x-ray absorbing material. This material is vaporized by the x-rays and is all traveling in a similar direction as the x-rays were all going in that general direction. This plasma moving at relativistic speeds then slams into the target like a nuclear shot gun blast. IIRC, this design was built for using nuclear bombs against space ships and it was estimated that it could direct 95% of the energy of the bomb at the intended target.

Thanks, thats a nice explanation!

Comment: Re:It's a PR campaign (Score 1) 190

people do insane things. all the time. if your argument depends upon how someone you don't know is perfectly sane and rational, your argument sucks

Ah-hah, that means the FBI must admit he has a perfect defense. If he did it, he was insane at the time.

The glove doesn't fit. You must acquit. Why would Chewbacca live on Endor?

Chewbacca lives on Endor because he is a closet paedophile; Ewoks can pass as prepubescent Wookies!

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