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GIF Becomes Word of the Year 2012 315

Posted by samzenpus
from the in-other-arbitrary-news dept.
mikejuk writes "GIF started out as a humble acronym 25 years ago, entered common parlance as the format used for web graphics and now achieves fame as a verb by becoming Oxford Dictionaries USA Word of the Year 2012. GIF as a noun has always been an all-capital letter noun. Becoming a verb has caused problems concerning the use of capital and lower case letters. The common form is to keep the noun in caps and add the verbal endings in lower case — as in GIFed,GIFing), However, an all lower-case spelling with the f duplicated (giffed, giffing) is also being used."

Dutch Cold Case Murder Solved After 8000 People Gave Their DNA 513

Posted by samzenpus
from the check-me dept.
sciencewatcher writes "A 1999 cold case rape and murder in The Netherlands has been solved. Dutch police asked 8000+ men living within 5 kilometers of the crime scene to volunteer their DNA so that the murderer could be traced through (close or distant) family members sharing part of this DNA. As it turned out, the man now in custody turned in his own DNA, resulting in a 100% match. The request of the police was discussed here on Slashdot in September. The percentage of people participating was closing in on 90%; in the midsize town of the victim it was 96%."

Comment: failure (Score 1) 113

by FalseModesty (#41915491) Attached to: MIT Slows Down Speed of Light In New Game

This was a bad demonstration of relativistic effects. All it really does is demonstrate the Doppler effect, and it does that poorly. People are evidently not warm, because they do not glow when infrared light becomes visible. Chimneys do, but so do shadows under roofs.

The huge mushrooms emit what, gamma rays? They emit light that is visible even when enormously red-shifted.

There is no Sun or sky. No campfires. No warm machinery. No radios. No flowers with UV patterns. Nothing familiar that will illustrate something interesting about the Doppler shift and the world of invisible light.

It's a nifty idea, but finish it before releasing it.

Comment: Re:It depends on whatcha mean when you say style (Score 1) 479

by FalseModesty (#41794795) Attached to: Does Coding Style Matter?

Seriously? You are reading the code, fixing bugs, and you find formatting problems. So you back out your half-complete changes, fix the formatting, commit that change, then re-apply your fix-in-progress? You actually do that? Of course you don't.

The better policy is that code must be formatted correctly when it is committed the first time. Which is why we have style guidelines in the first place.

Coders should spend their time looking at the code, not getting distracted by style variations.

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