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Comment Re:They can save my TRS-80 tapes? (Score 1) 76

My now/ sadly departed friend was amazing. He built his own machine, including a wonderful rough looking keyboard, wrote the bios and the OS in machine code. I vaguely think it was intel 4000, would have been in about 1977/78
He worked in defence research at a very high level. the mid 80's, they gave him a navy ship to play with for 6 months!
Brilliant muso too.

Comment Re:How racism? (Score 1) 578

The progressives have had power for 8 years, the wars started under conservative Bush. America loves being at war, it's been at war virtually continuously since it has existed.

The US is number one in gun massacres world wide, and number one in the developed world.

The immoral and corrupt love you, it's the sensible and caring people that hate you. I was once as a child a big fan of the US, however watching years of scumbag behaviour, particularly of conservatives has turned that right around.

I would have thought a true freedom loving Americam would hate free speech zones too. Shouldn't the whole country be a fee speech zone.

Typical denial and avoidance of reality.

Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 1) 410

During the Second World War it was often said that when the British bomb, the Germans hide, when the Germans bomb, the British hide, and when the Yanks bomb, everyone hides. If the USA has to poke its enormous military nose into other people's business, at least it might try to learn the difference between ally and enemy before it drops its damned bombs. Bloody idiots.

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