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Comment Re:You must be a silent minority... (Score 0) 615 615

PS: Note that it's VERY easy to call yourself a Christian, but very hard to be one. For all I know, I'm not even a true Christian!

Are you baptised? Do you believe in god? Then you're christian. The fact that you might go to hell or not is another story.

Comment Re:Definitively 0.3 per cent (Score 0) 321 321

Your first reply to a +5 funny : "Terrible methodology. If you ask someone who pays for sex they'll say "I never paid to have sex with her, I only paid her to leave". " Your second reply to a +5 funny : "I know you're going for funny, but it's worth pointing out your logic is flawed." Can you spell sarcasm? If not, try irony.

Comment Re:What I don't understand... (Score 1) 140 140

"Are we back to feudalism?" I think you misunderstood the term feudalism. That's the period where knights fought for their kingdoms and princess got stuck in towers. Not the period where offshore oil platform exploded killing eleven people. The more you know...

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