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Submission + - Judge Orders Microsoft to stop selling Word->

Fahrvergnuugen writes: "A judge has ruled that Microsoft cannot sell its flagship document processing application, Word, to customers, in a ruling stemming from a U.S. patent infringement lawsuit.

The decision rests on the program's ability to open .XML, .DOCX or .DOCM files, based on custom XML included in the filetypes. In the ruling, Judge Leonard Davis in the U.S. District Court in Eastern Texas — where patent suits are often filed for favorable rulings — sided with the plaintiff, i4i Inc., of Toronto, Ontario.

Earlier this year, i4i was awarded $200 million in damages in the same case by a jury. Microsoft has also appealed that decision."

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Submission + - Rescue crews find wreckage of Fossett's plane->

Fahrvergnuugen writes: "In an update to a previous story, investigators now believe that they have found the wreckage of Steve Fossett's small aircraft. Fossett was last seen on September 3rd, 2007 taking off in a single-engine plane from a private airstrip near Smith Valley NV."
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Submission + - Breakthrough in extracting hydrogen from water

Fahrvergnuugen writes: "An interesting article on Popular Mechanics talks about a breakthrough in the hydrogen generation process:
Futurists promise that hydrogen will replace fossil fuels someday. There's just one problem: Today, 95 percent of the world's available hydrogen is extracted from natural gas. Getting hydrogen from water, the greener alternative, is too expensive to be practical. Or it was, until a recent innovation by engineer Richard Bourgeois and his colleagues at a General Electric research facility in Niskayuna, N.Y.

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