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Comment: Re:Fiat Multipla - does not look bad (Score 2, Informative) 473

by FJR1300 Rider (#25353251) Attached to: People Prefer Angry-Faced Cars

Maybe because Alfas of old used to be some of the best looking cars of the time. Not the most reliable things, granted, but still stunning machines.

And maybe because Alfas of today are both very good cars _and_ also damn sexy.

Check out google images for Alfa 147, Alfa 159, Alfa GT, Alfa Spider, Alfa Brera, Alfa Mito and Alfa 8C.

Probably the only automobile marque of today that hasn't a single dud/ugly duckling in its line up.


+ - Naked-eye comet surprise->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Bad Astronomy is reporting that Comet 17P/Holmes, 220 million miles from the Sun, which Monday was a dim magnitude 17 (observable only by a few giant telescopes in remote locations) has overnight become magnitude 3 — easily visible to the naked eye. This is 400,000 times as bright. It's likely due to a sudden breakup of the comet after one too many trips around the sun. Pictures here."
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MSN Censors Your IM 287

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the its-for-your-own-good dept.
Jamie ran across a story about censorship on MSN. Essentially, a number of suspicious strings result in silent failure of delivery. The strings are unsurprisingly things like .scr and .info. They've started maintaining a list if you're interested. Personally, I'd rather they fix the vulnerabilities that make those strings dangerous in the first place: it's not like IM is the only place a URL can get on your machine.

+ - Open Sound System (OSS4) goes GPLv2->

Submitted by
mrcgran writes "The Open Sound System (OSS) is one of the first sound systems for Linux, predating ALSA, but in the last 10 years it's stalled in version 3.8 (the last public GPL version) and it's being replaced by ALSA as the sound system of choice in Linux. ALSA is a Linux-only solution, while OSS works in a range of Unixes as well, and both have advantages and disadvantages over the other. Now, OSS4 is out under a GPLv2 license, with a number of advanced features over ALSA, like its new dynamic VMIXing capabilities, low-latency kernel modules, simple API and many other features. This release seems to be important enough to shake the foundations of the current desktop sound systems, specially in Linux."
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