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Comment: Re:When I was 15... (Score 2) 231

by F34nor (#47834621) Attached to: Did you use technology to get into mischief as a child?

I once knew a guy who claimed to have built a computer operated grow room with a fail safe on the PC. He took a floppy disk a coated it in a friction sensitive flammable material. It was setup so if the computer rebooted than it would burn itself and the room down. Probably total bullshit but a good story.

Comment: Re:Mistake #1 (Score 3, Insightful) 116

by F34nor (#47822677) Attached to: Oregon Suing Oracle Over Obamacare Site, But Still Needs Oracle's Help

Same reason that Regence BCBS blew $500 million on their REMAC project trying to replace IBM mainframes with PCs. They listened to ass-hat consultants and ignored the nerds. If your computer consultant arrives in a suit and a Lincoln Town Car DON'T FUCKING LISTEN TO HIM.

Comment: Re:So, is there any shred of EVIDENCE? (Score 1) 202

by F34nor (#47786229) Attached to: How the Ancient Egyptians (Should Have) Built the Pyramids

(Col.18).. .I found the god standing.. .he spoke to me: “I am Khnum, your creator, My arms are around you, to steady your body, to
(Col. 19) safeguard your limbs. I bestow on you rare ores upon rare ores since creation nobody ever processed them (to make stone) for building the temples of the gods or rebuilding the ruined temples”

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