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+ - What do you do with spent nuclear fuel?->

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F34nor writes "I first learned about ADS in Wired magazine a number of years ago and have been waiting patiently for news ever since. Accelerator-driven system also know as an 'energy amplifier' by Wikipedia is basically a way to speed up the half-life of nuclear waste while generating energy as a byproduct. Now it seems Belgian Nuclear Research Centre has put it to the test and gotten some interesting results. Don't think this means a nuclear golden age in the U.S. even if it works your neighbors will never allow the stuff to be trucked to the machine from your local plant."
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+ - Coleman has a Sterling Cycle cooler.

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F34nor writes "I for one was very impressed when Coleman introduced a Peltier Thermoelectric Device based cooler back in the 90's. I was deeply conflicted if I should make my beer frosty or tear the thing apart to make a CPU cooler. Now Coleman once again is making the jump from "kind of wacky" science project to tasty beverage in a way that makes me think someone at Coleman listens to just the right amount of Art Bell. The guts are made by a company called Global Cooling based out of the Netherlands. Todd Troutman covered it here, unfortunately the Costco link says no love yet and the manual says it pulls 48w not 24w."

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