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Comment: Re:Or.... (Score 1) 251

by F.Ultra (#49773579) Attached to: Leaked Document Shows Europe Would Fight UK Plans To Block Porn
In Europe (or at least in the Nordic / Scandinavian countries) a Sauna is not just a place to relax in but it's a place where you get to get clean. Historically Saunas where used before the invention of the shower or the bath tub. And I don't think that you shower or batch with your swimwear on in order to get clean in Australia?

Comment: Re:It's not Linux-based (Score 1) 167

Compiled with millions of drivers, filesystems and other functionality that this LiteOS kernel probably doesn't need yes but remove all that and it shrinks vastly in size. If LiteOS only have to support a single piece of hardware then they can remove lots and lots of stuff.

Comment: Re:I use SSH keys everywhere. (Score 1) 152

by F.Ultra (#49672377) Attached to: The Best Way To Protect Real Passwords: Create Fake Ones
I don't get it either but it's not "stupid" per say since it will get you (if you use the standard 2048-bits size) a password with a length of 372 that is infeasible to crack. It doesn't solve the key storage problem though since he apparantly stores his public key only and one cannot extract the private key from the public which is what makes it kind of stupid.

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