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Comment: Re:Technically, toddlers and above (Score 1) 765

by F.Ultra (#49326181) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

Kindergarten might have been the wrong word, I'm not a native English speaker. Over here you can have you child on child care / day care or whatever the proper English word might be from more or less the day it's born.

However, why I brought up the study done on the "Kindergarten" was that it showed that we adults treat girls and boys differently even when we ourselves believe that we treat them equally.

And having such a big external factor kind of skews the "my boy choose X himself" big time.

I have a 12 year old boy who loves to cook, clean and likes to watch My Little Pony. I have also a 13 (to be 14 in august this year) year old girl who likes to watch slasher horror flicks and working out in the gym (power lifting) with me.

Should I take this as evidence that all girls likes power lifting and that all boys like to cook and clean? Or can it have more to do with the fact that the kids gravitate towards a "favourite" parent, in this case my boy gravitates more towards my wife while my daughter gravitates more towards me and that this explains quite a bit why they like the things that they like (regarding the Brony-stuff I suppose that the bright colors and happy stories somehow plays well with his autism).

Comment: Re:Fuck those guys (Score 1) 569

Granted. But let's say that that you have an armed murderer in your house holding you at gunpoint. Would you rather that the police would be stampeding in or would you rather that they tried to negotiate with the murderer first?

If the negotiations would fail you still have the full stampede option left, the assailant should be very very unstable if he executed you just by spotting the police (has it even ever happened?).

Comment: Re:Sooo .. (Score 1) 127

What if you store some classified information on the phone that you know is secured by the password as long as the phone is locked. In that case you have no problem handing over the phone but might have a problem handing over the password.

Or for whatever reason you might have, the important point here is that with the phone locked, YOU have a choice of giving away the password or not. With the phone unlocked you no longer have that choice. That's simply a fact of life and not the same as saying that this is highly important or not, just that it removes your choice.

Comment: Re:#1 for speed and power, by far. Mustang, Ram, B (Score 1) 765

by F.Ultra (#49319807) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

Yes but we are talking about infants here, how do they even know that cars means speed and power?

*why do you belive that men who don't agree with you are imasculated? It's not like I believe that men who squat/deadlift/benchpress less than I do is less men than me just to take another stupid example.

Comment: Re:Define "Threatened" and "Unwelcome" (Score 1) 765

by F.Ultra (#49318855) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

And they don't play with any friends what so ever? Note that I'm not trying to out you, I'm simply trying to be 100% sure that there was no outside bias that had anything to do with your kids behaviour. Add to that that we don't know how you our your wife treated your kids, the study from the kindergarten that I wrote about was real and not made up so even though you might think that you behaved exactly the same when your girl played with dolls/cars as you did with the boy, there is a slight chance that you didn't and even didn't know it.

On the other hand there might not have been any outside bias what so ever and it just so happened that your boy preferred the car and your girl not. One cannot draw conclusions from a "study" with only two participants

And why you bring in the battle scene is beyond me, didn't I write that men and women where different? It's just quite difficult to have a genetic bias towards a toy car in a species that evolved long before there where any cars and when the porpose of the car is not apparent for the child.

Once you are grown up and really try to drive a car there might be a male bias towards driving due to the speed or what not, but that is not something that a small child have any idea of what so ever!

Comment: Re:Fuck those guys (Score 1) 569

And how often does that happen in relation to there not beeing some unstable armed murderer on the other side?

It also feels like an uneeded escalation of force. If the armed perp knows/suspects that the police will storm in and kill every one inside he has no incentive to not shoot the police on sight. In other countries however where the police doesn't act like in the US these kinds of things mostly don't happen at all, the perp knows that the police won't shoot him dead unless he provokes it so there is an incentive to behave. Also sentencing plays a role here, if the perp knows that he fill face the same jail time regardless of if he kills some people or not he has no incentive to deescalate the situation. As I understand it you have some states in the US that have the same punishment for holding hostages as killing the hostages?

Comment: Re:Define "Threatened" and "Unwelcome" (Score 2) 765

by F.Ultra (#49315621) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

And you kept both completely shielded from any forms of media so that there was no way that they ever would associate cars with boys? Of course men and women are different but how on earth would boys be genetically biased towards cars?

A kindergarten over here did a study some years ago where they videotaped how the staff interacted with the children. And to the staffs dismay they treated boys and girls completely different even though they believed themselves that they treated them equally. So the situation might be a little more complex than "boys and girls are different".

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