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Comment: Just use Droid Wall (Score 1) 299

by Ezzelin (#33754764) Attached to: Many More Android Apps Leaking User Data

I don't see why everybody has a problem with security on Android. Like others have said, a dialog shows everything an app needs permission to do. Beyond that, install Droid Wall. It lets you approve or deny access to the Internet for each app (it's an iptables front end). You can also set it to block by default as I have, so that new apps never get the chance to connect until you allow them to. It requires root, but it's worth it. Don't forget to install a superuser whitelist program too so that you must approve any apps that want root.


+ - Palm announces new phone, OS at CES->

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wyldeone writes "Today at a press conference Palm unveiled its long-awaited new operating system, dubbed Palm webOS. Unlike the traditional Palm OS, applications are developed using XHTML, CSS and Javascript and calendar, contact and other data is pulled from the cloud. Also announced was the Palm Pre, the first device to run it. The Pre is set to launch exclusively on Sprint in the first half of 2009."
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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Starcraft 2 To Be a Trilogy 253

Posted by Soulskill
from the three-is-better-than-one dept.
The Starcraft 2 gameplay panel was an eventful one at Blizzcon today. The developers faced an obstacle when designing the game; the plans they had were just too massive to implement in a single game on anything approaching a reasonable timeline. Their solution was to divide the game up into three separate, stand-alone titles: Terran: Wings of Libery, Zerg: Heart of the Swarm, and Protoss: Legacy of the Void. Read on for further details.

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