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Comment: Media-stressed! (Score 1) 298 298

I became very aware of my backlog when I switched apartment a few years back. This combined with ever growing hostility towards the MAFIAA has ended up in me trying to keep a very low rate of gaining new media before my backlog is taken care of.

Of course it's really hard to go cold turkey on new books, magazines, music, TV-shows, computer games so I keep failing all the time but at least I'm trying. But nowadays my media-content I have left more feels like work than fun to go through. For instance I have torrented all of South Park, Blakes 7 and Mystery Science Theater 3000 at one time and, even though they are great shows, they will take ages to go through.

But this is just the way I feel about media, that I have to go through everything I have. A friend of mine has more of a "Look at my great library! I will always have a great book at hand that I haven't already read!" attitude.
. . . I dont understand him at all.

Comment: Re:Dance on Piratebay! (Score 1) 159 159

It might be simple but I still don't understand why the don't just add it in the help-part of the "Edit Comment" page. Just about the only time I ever need to dig up the knowledge of how to manually code links in HTML is when writing slashdot-comments.

I just do it so seldom that I end up having to search for some tutorial. And since I get bored of having to do that every time (while there is a full URLs-section in the help that doesn't address the issue at hand) I just keep posting the links like this instead:
Amazing, simple, even non standard HTML, that works and is mentioned in the help-section but makes my posts look a bit crap.

Comment: Dance on Piratebay! (Score 3, Informative) 159 159

This is exactly why Mediaafires Firefox-plugin "Piratebay Dancing!" was created:
  Or is there some circumstance here that cripples the plugin?

(And still there is no notes about how to 'properly' link a word with an URL in slashdots help below writing comments)

Comment: Somewhat similar european initiative (Score 1) 119 119

There is an initiative in somewhat the same general direction taking place in Europe right now called ' Internet Activism Infrastructure Organization '

It's people from the clusters and that are behind this new initiative.

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