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Comment Re:It won't matter (Score 1) 109

True, higher interest rates means your checking account gives back a higher percentage, but the barrier to owning stocks and bonds is so low nowadays, who cares?

That's my very point! Current interest rates make the payoff for savings so low that discourages people from being responsible and encourages them to become indebted.

Comment TIPS means to... (Score 0) 170

...ensure prompt service. Any one who who does not ensure prompt service should not expect TIPs. This is especially true for back of the house employees who move slower than molasses. Expecting a cut of the server who is breaking their ass TIPs when you can barely get up of of yours is tantamount to theft.

Comment But cyclists are the enemy!! (Score 3, Insightful) 207

Seems nearly everyone of them feels they can peddle anywhere despite local laws. My city has sacrificed car lanes to make bike lines and bikers still ride the wrong way on one way streets, let alone to mention sidewalks. What is needed is a biker's license equal to a driver's license and equivalent penalties for violating the rules of the road. Breeze by a stop sign? Be subject to strip search just as everyone else is.

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