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Comment: Re:"Compatible" (Score 1) 94

by EzInKy (#47514785) Attached to: Open-Source Blu-Ray Library Now Supports BD-J Java

So 18 discs work with greasy fingers, and one doesn't? That is your theory? To add insult to injury I received an email from my ISP that I would be charged more for internet access because I exceeded their max after I watched the missing episodes that were available on my Amazon account. I'm really trying to stay on the right side, but the powers that be are making it very hard to do so.

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by EzInKy (#47450853) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

Have to say this is pretty much false everywhere I shop, but will add I wouldn't shop anywhere where this is true. Any business whose survival depends on saving a few pennies on credit card fees is destined for failure around here because there are very few willing to walk around with cash just to keep them alive.

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by EzInKy (#47449035) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

So the benefits to those who are totally 180 degrees opposite your opinion is, what!? Pretending we are still a democracy, just what would it take to cause those who want their legally protected to side with yours? Are you sure you understand the bottom line here? If I give you $x I want an authoriatory to guarantee the I get $X back if I give it to you. Maybe some laws that force you to make me at lease break even when you go under? Don't know for sure, but people are generallly okay with accepting loss as long as they don't lose.

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by EzInKy (#47448453) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

First thought, if your "business" couldn't survive for a mere 45 days without income then your business was was underfunded to start with, and I believe that underfunding is one of the biggest causes of new business failures. I would hope that you should consider your "been there, done that" as a lesson that you should never start an enterprise that you can't fund without income for at least a year.

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