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Comment Yep, both Republicrats and Democans... (Score 1) 34

....both solely exist to allow the 1% to siphon the wealth of this nation from the rest of us while their media minions keep us fighting over such inconsequential things such as homosexuals marrying each other. I mean seriously, who in their right mind really thinks it is good idea to force men who want to have sex with men to marry women, or women who want to have sex with women to marry men? Talk about crazy!!

Comment Re:You don't own the sky (Score 1) 184

The disparity in our opinions are likely lead to stupid laws like having to have a flagman 50 feet in front of a horseless carriage. In the end we ended up with clearly marked routes of right of way. I'm certain there can be compromise, but it is doubtful if you continue to insist you have a right to invade my space.

Comment Re:You don't own the sky (Score 1) 184

Neither, I am already in the flight path of the local airport so have to put up with jets shaking the very foundation of my home constantly during holiday season. I don't won't the additional headache of having drones buzzing over my head constantly just to deliver someone too lazy to cook a pizza.

Comment Re:You don't own the sky (Score 1) 184

I think the big disconnect here is between those of us who believe we are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of our property and those who feel they are entitled to fly there drones wherever and whenever they choose. Both believe that any intervention will be an encroachment on their rights. As much as hate government regulation, this is one of those cases where it is necessary.

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