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Comment: Re:All you negative people... (Score 2) 68

by ExtremeSupreme (#38486140) Attached to: Linux-Powered Christmas Display Puts Rudolph To Shame

I knew someone who developed an allergy or celiac disease (can't remember which) in her 20s. The solution for her was just not to eat wheat, her life didn't seem impacted all that much otherwise. Hopefully all the money is going towards research and not his kids!

Anyways, as an aside, she had a reaction to HAM. They put wheat in EVERYTHING these days, geez ;) HAM people. We're all eating random frankenfoods.

Comment: Lol (Score 2) 80

by ExtremeSupreme (#38411818) Attached to: Spectrum Fragmentation Means Pricier Mobile Networking

You guys in the U.S. don't know how lucky you have it. In Canada we get ass-reamed. Even Virgin Mobile Canada charges $35/month just for 500 megabytes of data.. my understanding is that in the U.S. that would get you heaps of data and a few hundred minutes. You might have it bad, but here in Canada we have it far, far worse!

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