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Comment: Re:As Russian (Score 2) 260

by Evtim (#48665875) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

It is a general trend of the Slavic peoples. There is only one way to "deal" with us --> total extermination. Either you kill us all, or you the invader, will become like us or we will just sit and take it until the invader is no more. I mean my country survived 482 years of ottoman occupation combined with systematic extermination of our culture, history and our gene pool [That's a horrific but fascinating story --> every few years they took one child from every family; refusal was punished by death; to be indoctrinated and raised as servants of the Empire. However, because they selected the brightest and best this special corp of mostly officers became so powerful that they started changing sultans and play the real politic. Turks would bribe officials so that their children would be accepted in the corp as christian kids --> it gave very good career prospects. At the end it was that corp that was the strongest opponent of the reformation of Turkey and Ataturk had to extinguish them. Anyway, it is estimated that 3-4 million children were collected from my country alone; this procedure was going on for hundreds of years].

Now, if you want to harm the Slavs the best thing to do [this is one of the biggest revelations of global politics] is.........leave us alone!! The greatest enemy of the Slavs is us. Leave Russia alone and they will keep the endless circle of extremely poor governing they have enjoyed always. But threaten us or try to conquer and subjugate us and we will stubbornly dig our heels and you will loose. As one of the fabulous modern day Russian writers [Victor Pelevin] said in one of his books "Of course there is an anti-Russian conspiracy. The problem is that all the adult population of Russia is participating in it"

Comment: Re:Stone Age diet ? he wants to live all 20 years? (Score 1) 438

by Evtim (#48658077) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

Don't be fooled by the cartoonish, strong worded presentation -- this is 100% true. I went through it myself and the way to solve it is exactly that diet plus probiotics [BTW, one I am Bulgarian and very well know the difference between yogurt in the supermarket and the real deal and two, I live in Amsterdam whose mayor said refined sugar is a class A drug in his opinion]

also this

Just to mention that in my case I was advised to go to the diet by "real doctor" [not a "loony"] after being diagnosed with systemic stomach candidosis. Just one of the side-effects is that I got the physique I had when I was 17....and they say obesity is an issue number 1, well there is your solution...

Comment: Magic pills, a personal story... (Score 1) 153

by Evtim (#48579501) Attached to: "Fat-Burning Pill" Inches Closer To Reality

What do you do if you have constant acid reflex from your stomach that burns so badly as to impinge even on your work and the most elementary daily activities?

Seven years ago I went to the doctors with this complaint. After that check or another they said I had a bad bacteria and gave me antibiotics. Did not help. OK, says the doctor then we will stop the acid production in your stomach. Start daily intake of proton inhibitor. OK, I start and sure the acid is gone.

It was a long-held believe, which turned out to be partially true, that acid in the stomach is needed for digestion. So I was worried a bit but the pain from the acid was just too much. What I did not realize at the time is that the acid is also a protection against infections. And that this pill does not fix my issue by removing the causes for the excessive acid; it simply masks the problem.

In the last 7 years I also suffered from chronic infection in the bladder and urethra by our old friend -- the candida. When I was growing up the understanding was "never get it via sex because you will have hell of time cleaning up, can take years or never go away". I though "wow, we can do stuff against syphilis but this yeast is somehow unbeatable" [my first degree is bachelor in biochemistry and biotechnology].

Only....due to medical reasons my misuss has no libido for half a decade already, so why did I became infested with the stuff provided that the attack vector of sex is not there? And why being treated by urologists at least 4 times in 2 different countries, private or not --> I tried everything, did not help? No result whatsoever.

Until one day, 5 months ago I got really pissed and though for hours until it struck me. I picked the phone and asked my GP when did I complained from the candida for the first time and when did I start taking the proton inhibitors. Yep, I started the pills a few months before the candida arrived. So I go to the GP and tell him this. He sends me to "not a real doctor" according to the insurance companies, so I'd have to pay.

Ok, I go there and the lady says "I will take you off the proton inhibitor in one week, if you follow my advice what to eat and where to buy it from". She puts me on a "paleo diet" and we take a stool test. HALF of the buggers in my intestine was candida. HALF of more than a kilo that is there!!! Starting the diet , which is simply no grain and no sugar [diary products are OK] and baying everything fresh from the farmers directly took me off the inhibitor in 3 days. That was 5 months ago.

However, the candida is not that easy to conquer so taking caprylic acid [plenty in coconut oil; but I use highly concentrated pills] and probiotic [that brings the good bugs back] seems to be the way. I am almost off the candida infection [can always feel it in the urethra so I don't need tests anymore].

Now, you tell me that "magic pills" are the answer. So, the food industry makes us ill [sugar, fat, salt] then we get a magic pill paying even more that makes more sick and then we spend enormous resources fighting an unwinable battle, whereas the only thing needed was to keep the stomach flora happy by eating real food rather than industrial food.

Not to mention the 15 kg reduction in mass that occurred in 3 weeks! and never came back. I have now the body I had when I was 17, only with more muscles cause I do sports. Not to mention that the candida is also responsible for smelly feet and treating them with a bit of coconut oil 2 times per week removes the smell altogether.

Candidosis is the lead cause of sterility in women. If you have that much of them in you all kinds of bad stuff begins to happen --> from tiredness to swell eyes to urethra infections to even death [how do you like it guys, to be half a man for so many years because some bastards want to make profit instead of cure you --> why do you think these food specialists are shunned aside by the insurance? can you empathize with me about it? can you imagine the horror and the embarrassment?]

Oh, I almost forgot --> the system punished me for curing myself. I had to pay all the research, I have to now spend a lot of time finding good food [I do not use supermarkets for anything else than salt and coffee]. The insurance does not have to pay me the inhibitor, I cured myself and increased my performance on every account, stopped pouring money in the industrial food scam and I got punished financially for it!!!!

I have long suspected that under the current socioeconomic system noone wants to cure you but to make you a permanent customer. The insurance claims they want to lower coast but they lie. They want as much turn-over because they get a share from every transaction. And if the money runs out, they just raise the premium....

Take what you will from this story but medics claim that 60% or more of the population in the developed nations has candidosis in the intestine. My "luck" was to have very sensitive stomach which gives me an early alarm. Most people live like this and they get severe issues at a later age [cancer for instance]. Also, because of the fact women give birth later, they have the risk of becoming sterile by nursing the bad bugs for a decade or more.....

This story happened in the Netherlands. Last comment --> I get mocked?!?!? by some of my colleagues for bringing my own food and refusing to eat industrial. They say I am a fundamentalist whatever and laugh when I tell them they eat poison. Well, there is no helping some people but this mindset is very indicative of the terrible brainwashing that the system does to us.


Comment: Re:sigh (Score 1) 574

by Evtim (#48512835) Attached to: Hawking Warns Strong AI Could Threaten Humanity

He is also responsible for a very strange statement from a few years back. That the aliens will come and rip our resources [!!!] so we should stop broadcasting and trying to find them.

Such statement is not worthy even for a teen, let alone professor in physics. Sure I don't have to elaborate for the /. crowd that an interstellar civilization capable of coming to us would have access to such amounts of energy and resources that it would make all resources on Earth lost in the noise...

Comment: Re:So it's not Skynet vs humans (Score 1) 117

by Evtim (#48457257) Attached to: How the Pentagon's Robots Would Automate War

Here is a story with an unexpected twist:

BTW, I miss Sheckley so much....I yet have to discover another master of the short Sci-Fi story that measures to him.

Of course he did wrote one that is in line with the "what could possibly go wrong" meme:


Comment: Re:Capitalism does not reward morality (Score 1) 197

by Evtim (#48425445) Attached to: Is a Moral Compass a Hindrance Or a Help For Startups?


Free market basic principle of supply and demand applied to humans --> result is human life and labor are the cheapest commodity on the planet. Period. After this realization the system is exposed as inhuman, therefore unable to ensure the survival of the species.

Some will say that life is expensive. It costs a lot of money because we artificially increased the price by imposing penalties to those who waste human life [like being killed on the job because the company cut corners on safety]. I repeat: artificially!!! The system then tries everything [by basically buying the authorities] to avoid this imposed restrictions to the free market.

Why do we have to play whack a mole with all the rich and powerful rather than just scrape the system and replace it with something that actually works while ensuring long term survival and progress?

Comment: Re:Capitalism does not reward morality (Score 1) 197

by Evtim (#48425379) Attached to: Is a Moral Compass a Hindrance Or a Help For Startups?

One of the first statements [to the MT] I did as a chairman of the workers council of my company was:

You ask for socialism and cooperation on the work-floor and capitalism on the top floor. So, maintaining good and humane relationships between the employees makes more productive work force, generating wealth which is then distributed in a capitalist fashion [ratio benefits and rewards MT:work floor = 70:1].

In other words: privatize the profit, socialize the loss. That's what every corporation does....what hypocrites...

Comment: Re:Pleasure (Score 1) 307

by Evtim (#48377809) Attached to: I'm most interested in robots that will...

So why would the fembot not have exciting reaction? I though we are talking AI here with all that implies. Btw, what do you think about the portrayal of the robot-gigolo in A.I. -- I think Jude Law played that part. It did not seem to bother the ladies that he was "programmed" rather than exhibiting "real feelings". BTW, what is a "real feeling" and what separates it from programing? From what I see we are all programmed [by biology, society ect..] so what's the big deal? What I am trying to say is that if the programing is good no-one will care that it is "not real" . you will quickly forget even that it is programmed so you can savoir the pleasure. Defense mechanism of some sorts...for another interesting take on the matter see Asimov's robot story "Satisfaction guaranteed" []

Comment: Re:Credit Cards? (Score 1) 58

by Evtim (#48377425) Attached to: European Parliament Considers Sharing Passenger Information By Default

Not really. I asked for one when I had to go to the US [in 2005] - never needed it before. Most online retailers for instance would have an agreement with the banks so you can pay with you debit card [the Dutch system for instance is called iDEAL] rather than credit. Of course Amazon is not like that --> in fact 95% of my usage of the thing is because of amazon.....

I still have to meet an European who does not think that paying your restaurant bill with credit card is idiotic...

+ - Crowd-sourced Experiment To Map All Human Skills

Submitted by spadadot
spadadot (879731) writes "French-based startup has just launched a website that will let you add your skills to a comprehensive map of human skills. As quoted from their website "We aim to build the largest, most accurate, multilingual skills database ever made, by allowing a diverse and skillful community to contribute their individual skills to the global map."

The ontology is simple: skills can have zero or more sub-skills. Every new skill is available in all supported languages (only English and French at the moment). Skill Project is based on graph database Neo4J and has a sleek UI based on HTML5 Canvas. The crowdsourced data is free for non-commercial use."

+ - The US-China Climate Deal Changes Everything

Submitted by merbs
merbs (2708203) writes "As a result of the deal, which negotiators have reportedly hashed out over a nine-month period, in secret, the US has promised to double the rate at which it's cutting carbon pollution—slashing emissions over a quarter from 2005 levels by 2025. Meanwhile, China has pledged to ensure its greenhouse gas output peaks by 2030. The two nations are by far the world's largest contributors to global warming—combined, they account for a jaw-slackening 40 percent of the world's emissions.

And until now, the two nations have not seen eye to eye on fighting climate change. In fact, it's closer to the opposite: they've been outright hostile."

Comment: Some thoughts... (Score 5, Insightful) 151

by Evtim (#48348963) Attached to: 25th Anniversary: When the Berlin Wall Fell

10th Nov 1989 was surreal experience for me. I had prepared a birthday party for my friends but did not tell them [was supposed to be a nice surprise]. So in the evening I browsed the district and picked them up from the usual places where we congregated. While going to my place we all noticed that the streets have grown very was a rainy, coldish evening but still....where was everyone?

Once we entered my place the mystery was reveled - my father emerged from the living room with some tears in his eyes and ordered everyone in front of the TV. The wall was down....they were just announcing it on the central news...

Well that was a nice birthday party I can tell you:))

A quarter of a century later, having lived and work in the West for more than a decade now I can say a few things:

1. Those "communists" back home were not communists at all. They were just a bunch of power hungry criminals who hid behind a label....nobody ever implemented the basics of the Marxists "The means of production belong to the people producing the wealth" - I never saw this happening.

2. The few idealists that sincerely worked to implement the communist ideals were shunned away by careerist and criminals - many of them ended up in Gulags. Btw, this is not unique behavior for communists - do you think that [for example] if Christ walked today in the Vatican and asked them why are they breaking fundamental ideas of Christianity, like for instance being filthy rich, he will be met with open arms? I think we will crucify him again...

3. The version of the communist ideology that was presented to me in school was something that I subscribed for with both hands. Forget for a moment that no-one was actually trying to bring this future around - what they told us was very close to the Start Trek future. All basic necessities of life will be for free and accessible to all members of said society + a few extras brought up by civilization. The list went --> basic necessities are air, water, food, shelter, warmth [energy] and clothing. The extras were child-care, education and medicine.

4. Once the system collapsed and the new way started coming in, the greatest disappointment in my life began to occur. Namely - in short order I realized that the western system that we all thought "had figure it all out" turned out to be wasteful, inhuman construct that only pretends to work for humanity. Just like the "communists" then...I realize that the free market system does not serve humans and it is in fact the most wasteful system ever created. I realize that the western countries are using very well developed science to control and manipulate the citizenry. And we all know that it works...I realized that people here are no better human beings than us back home. In fact those of us that managed to remain humanists in poor, corrupted, police state - we are REAL humanists. In the west many people appear humanists only because the times are [relatively] good. But when the hard times come the veneer of civilization is quickly gone. Just look at the rise of extremism in Europe - one financial crisis [created by your inhuman market system, western people] and suddenly all kinds of nasty societal developments occur - xenophobia, intolerance, ultra-greed...

5. The whole communism-capitalism thing is pure 1984 stuff [we are always at war with Eastasia]. Do you see what happens today - a new cold war is coming. Or a hot one even...I wonder why that is? Is it because the people in the east really hate westerners [and vice-verse]? Are we, the common folk the reasons for this? Because according to politicians - yes, we want war. After all the politicians do our bidding, is that not so? Or could it be that on both sides we have criminals who are filling their pockets while hiding behind [or highjacking] ideological labels? Could it be that the problems of humanity have nothing to do with political labels? I think so....

In conclusion - let's celebrate the fall of East European criminal regimes and the fact that significant portion of the population of Europe was finally able to communicate with, travel and see the rest. I do not lament the unification of Europe - I think it is great that we can all see each other and talk to each other.

Now the only little problem remains - to understand that:

- communism never failed since no-one tried it
- capitalism in its current form is deadly for humanity
- solving global issues has nothing to do with political labels. we should check reality instead
- we stand almost no chance of realizing all the above as a group, since all the powers to be, everywhere in the world are working over-time to keep us divided over non-existing lines in the hope that we will not turn our backs to the current system


Comment: appropriate quote? (Score 1) 273

by Evtim (#48317109) Attached to: Too Many Kids Quit Science Because They Don't Think They're Smart

Miss Tick sniffed. “You could say this advice is priceless,” she said. “Are you listening?”

“Yes,” said Tiffany.

“Good. Nowif you trust in yourself”


“and believe in your dreams”


“and follow your star” Miss Tick went on.


“you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy. Good-bye.”

Terry Prattchet - "The wee free man" [disk-world book #30]

Comment: Re:Tech Up Bringing? (Score 1) 441

by Evtim (#48316989) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

Work is not social club?!?

Do you realize that before pension you spend more of your active life [barring sleep] with your colleagues than with your family and friends? How many people understand this simple fact?

So, yes you might say - let's keep work free of any social interactions but hey, we are human beings. The more cordial the atmosphere in a team the more productive it are we gonna get such pleasant environment - by being social, by having social interactions. There is no other way...

So you see, work is a social club by default. It is a requirement...anecdotal - in my company a few teams are led by people who have your mindset [on this issue]. Needles to say those are not happy teams....

Comment: Re:Time for a revolution (Score 1) 424

by Evtim (#48238541) Attached to: Law Lets IRS Seize Accounts On Suspicion, No Crime Required

No chance. The cancer is so much out of control that killing it will kill the host.

Consider the magnitude of the task:

You have civilizational system which is leading humanity to a very bad place. If you try to tear the system down many [most?] will not survive. AT the same time within the system you have the following groups of people [in light of the discussion topic, not that there are generally 4 types of people you understand].
One - the greatest benefactors from the system - these people will spend any amount of energy and resource to keep the system going and convince everyone in the false dichotomy "our way or the highway". Those people control almost every leverage in society - media, politics, religion, business, armies, police, WMD, everything....
Two - the [common] people who swallowed the bait [how was the saying - hook, line and sinker?] of the system and will defend it with their lives. That is brilliant - pitching one group of slaves against the other. I have heard from such people that even reforming the banking system is "going back to the caves"?!?! They truly believe we [humanity] are doing it right and the only thing needed know... to push a bit harder and it would work [definition of insanity - keep doing again and again that which obviously does not work].
Three - people who feel things are wrong but do not know the reasons or what exactly is wrong due to ignorance or lack of true data [or both]. It ain't easy to find your way in the endless propaganda and lies about the state of humanity and the true nature of our socioeconomic system. Not easy at all!!
Four - people who more or less have figured it out - a tiny minority, whose voices are drowned in the noise of the propaganda and the orthodoxy of the people from category 2.

We need to reform the system and change some of its most basic assumptions and goals, yet to achieve the good will for that we need people to understand that the system is damaging us. How will they understand [see above]. And again to repeat - catastrophic collapse is not an [sensible] option - too many will die.

I don't want someone to tell me the exact way to change the system. That will happen by itself if the people stop supporting and believing in the system. Just tell me how to show the truth to the majority of the people and increase the number of people in category 3 and 4.

Mission impossible?

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