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+ - 15th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference to be held near DC->

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EvilTwinSkippy writes "If anyone is making plans for October, particularly in the Washington DC area, clear a spot on your calendar for the 15th Annual Tcl/Tk Developer's Conference. There will be two days of tutorials starting October 20. Papers and Keynotes begin October 22. Tune into official site for details and registration.

Our own Evil Twin Skippy is the site chair for this year. Fun topics include "Tcl 9...oh God", and happy military uses for scripting. The Wine BOF is always a good time, and the crowd is pretty friendly as far as most programmer's conferences go."

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+ - Failing students? Change the grade

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EvilTwinSkippy writes "The Philadelphia Inquirer has the story of one principal's crusade to turn a school around. It involved inventing extra paperwork teachers had to file to fail a student. When that failed, she simply went into he computer and changed the grades herself. With No Child Left Behind's emphasis on school performance, you have to wonder how often this is happening and teacher's don't blow the whistle. Especially in lights of the fact that the article mentioned this has happend before, in the same district."

+ - US Employers are now required to track Email

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EvilTwinSkippy writes "As reported elsewhere, Federal rules are finally taking effect that require companies to have electronic documents and email archived in a manner for quick retrieval by law enforcement and litigation.

Technically speaking companies have always been technically on the hook. Now thought there are specific regulations and guidelines that have to be followed, particularly for employee emails and Instant messages. But to make a long story short, it's not longer an option to simply not track email."

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