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Comment: Re:No single payer (Score 1) 200

by Greyfox (#49629857) Attached to: The Medical Bill Mystery
One bill, and that they be able to provide you with a reasonably accurate estimate of the costs when you go in. I had a moth fly into my ear, craziest thing, I'm just sitting there minding my own business and this moth just comes out of nowhere, hits the side of my face and disappears. And I freak the fuck out because a moth is now raping my goddamn ear. So I get my room mate to drive me to the emergency room to have the fucker removed. They don't believe me, have a look, and say "Yep, something's in there." And I'm like "Yes! It's a fucking moth!" So they make a couple of attempts and finally get the damn thing out, and it cost $1000 for that, in three separate bills. If they'd told me that in advance, I probably would have decided that I can put up with an awful lot of ear raping for $1000.

Hell of it was I'd just switched jobs and didn't have a new insurance card yet, but was actually insured. Over the course of my career, I've probably paid $20,000 or so worth of medical insurance and I've had the insurance companies weasel out of paying anything every single time I've had to have a medical procedure. And the total cost of those procedures so far has been significantly less than $20,000. I've had three trips to the ER or urgent care over 25 years, totaling about $3000 worth of care. $1000 of which was for a moth raping my ear.

So fuck the medical system and fuck the insurance providers. Over the past three decades, I'd have been better of with a jar of leeches. At least those are honest about sucking your blood.

Comment: Re:School me on well water (Score 1) 300

The people I know in the hills have water in the wells, just not enough to keep their crops wet. They can afford water trucks, unless the price of 'medicine' crashes.

N Cal central valley wells are still mostly wet. S Cal on the other hand is dry as hell. Which is the unspoken part of the CA water crisis. S Cal expects N Cal to suffer with them (and give them all our water). The only reason my water is even metered is LA threw a tantrum.

Nobody actually cares about the delta smelt, they are minnows. But it's the only way to prevent S Cal from voting themselves all our water.

Comment: Re:Contact the EFF (Score 2) 68

He's actually helping their customers, because their customers have bought a flawed product that isn't fit for purpose. By disclosing the vulnerabilities, these customers are now aware and can demand a fix or switch to an alternative product.

If they sweep these vulnerabilities under the rug that doesn't mean they go away or that noone knows about them, it just means that the customers don't know about them. Others with more nefarious goals may still be aware of the issues and decide to exploit them, an attack that will be completely unexpected because the customers have false faith in the product. Infact, false faith in a security product often leads victims of exploitation to blame something else (often the staff) when a breach happens because they refuse to accept that their expensive security product is flawed.

Comment: Re:why so long (Score 3, Interesting) 126

by Thagg (#49624589) Attached to: Opportunity Rover Reaches Martian Day 4,000 of Its 90-Day Mission

It's kind of interesting.

One of the big reasons that they thought it would be limited to 90 days is that the solar panels get covered in dust, and as that happens the amount of energy collected diminishes. They figured in about 90 days, based on previous missions to Mars, they'd be out of juice.

And...for the first 50 days or so, it was going that way. And then, a whirlwind came by, and scrubbed the rover clean. This has happened many many times since. An unexpected good fortune.

Comment: Re:A good point (Score 1) 246

by HornWumpus (#49624491) Attached to: Is It Worth Learning a Little-Known Programming Language?

Just be aware that all companies that sell products identical to their competitors (e.g. insurance) are run by the marketing departments.

On the upside if you know shit from shinola you will be a star among their staff. On the downside, you will still report to a marketer that was promoted to director of IT.

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