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+ - CNET: Your MP3 bit rate says you're a pirate

Submitted by homeward_bound
homeward_bound (666) writes "In an odd article, CNET tells us what your choice of MP3 encoding quality says about you, and describes the typical traits of digital music lovers from the childish Limewire freaks to the middle-aged audiophile fanatics, and includes the notion that most people with 128kbps MP3's in their libraries are music pirates."
The Internet

+ - Web Activism Tools

Submitted by
Pablos writes "A friend of mine has been working on Collactive, a tool to help you easily spread the word — about anything. It looks like a stellar way to do online activism, or even just boost your blog posts on Digg or videos on YouTube. It is especially cool that you can use it without even having to register."

+ - Methane as the Next Interplanetary Fuel?

Submitted by
u-bend writes "Discovery news has a quick read about the possibilities that methane has as a rocket fuel for future interplanetary exploration, since it's known to exist on other planets.

From the article:
"The trouble with exploring the solar system is that there just aren't any rocket fueling stations out there. That won't be the case if future planet-hopping astronauts are equipped with a new kind of rocket engine which burns two gases that are already in good supply on several other planets: methane and oxygen.""
Data Storage

+ - ZFS under GPLv2 already exists

Submitted by
mrcgran writes "ZFS (the zettabyte filesystem) has been grabbing lots of attention lately, not only because of its technical merits, but also because of conflicts between it and Linux kernel's licensing and architecture. However, an interesting account on how ZFS has already been released under GPLv2 by making its way into GRUB last week has failed to make headlines in slashdot. What incentives can this provide to the official support of ZFS in the Linux kernel?"

Warner Brothers Pulls Canadian Previews 273

Posted by kdawson
from the camcorders-eh dept.
A number of readers let us know that Reuters and others are reporting that Warner Brothers is canceling movie previews in Canadian theaters, starting with Oceans Thirteen. A Warner VP said, "Within the first week of a film's release, you can almost be certain that somewhere out there a Canadian copy will show up." Recently, the International Intellectual Property Association placed Canada on its Priority Watch List, along with the likes of Argentina, China, Russia, Turkey, and Venezuela. This community knows, thanks to Michael Geist, that the claim is mostly ficiton.

+ - Warner Bros. Yank Movie Previews in Canada

Submitted by
Retrospeak writes "Claiming that film pirates have fled the U.S. for easier pickings in Canada, Warner Bros., one of the world's largest movie studios, banned advanced film previews and radio promotions Canada-wide. "This is the first time we have done something like this," Dan Fellman, Warner Bros.' president of theatrical distribution states in an article in the National Post. ?id=aac42eaa-50e0-4021-9e98-b27c1e3e8f08&k=30208 "Right now, it's become the worst-case scenario for us. That's why we're acting the way we are." Curiously, although the ban covers radio promotions, it doesn't extend to press reviews or television publicity."
Operating Systems

+ - World Famous Librarian Endorses Ubuntu

Submitted by good soldier svejk
good soldier svejk (571730) writes "From the opening obvious markets department... Metafilter moderator, globetrotting blogger, librarian and free speech advocate Jessamyn West decided to refurbish one of her libraries Ubuntu style. She made a little movie about the process and judging from her behavior at the end, was very happy with the results.

Jessamyn is a free speech nerd. Her father is Tom West of Data General fame."

Disney Says, You WILL Watch the Ads 456

Posted by kdawson
from the step-away-from-the-remote dept.
smooth wombat writes "ABC and ESPN, both owned by Disney, have struck a deal with cable operator Cox Communications to offer hit shows and football games on demand, but with the condition that Cox disable the fast-forward feature that allows viewers to skip ads. This is the first agreement of its kind. It only applies to Cox's video-on-demand service and will not affect viewers using DVRs to fast-forward through ads. The companies will also test technology that will place ads in shows based on ZIP Codes and geographic area, and 'freshen' the ads with new ones every few days."

Sun Completes Java Core Tech Open-Sourcing 141

Posted by Zonk
from the the-beans-are-gratis dept.
MsManhattan writes "A year after announcing its plans, Sun Microsystems has made almost all of the core technology in Java available as open-source software under the GNU general public license version 2 (GPLv2). However, some of the code remains 'encumbered'; that is, Sun doesn't have sufficient rights to release it under GPLv2, and the company is requesting the open-source community's help in resolving these issues. Rich Sands, community marketing manager for OpenJDK community at Sun, would not say what percentage of Java's 6.5 million lines of code are encumbered, but explained that it is largely Java 2D graphics technology, such as font and graphics rasterizing."

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