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Comment Re:Social Justice Twitter (Score -1) 85

Typical SJWNPAT (my acronym for SJW Normal Person Anti-Terrorist), all Twitter is doing is censoring people for criticizing Ethics in Western society. Sure, some people have claimed in ISIL's name to have murdered a few people here and there, but first of all THOSE people they supposedly "murdered" are professional victims and their claims of being murdered are highly suspect no matter how many videos we produced of them being beheaded and threads on /r/WesternSocietyInAction you can point at where every laughed at the Beta Cuck Infidels. And secondly, just because they said they were ISIS doesn't mean they were, I mean, it's a hashtag, you can't police that. You can't blame some guy on Twitter who is just concerned with Ethics and sends a few rape threats to Hillary Clinton THAT ARE CLEARLY NOT SERIOUS with some other guy who murders people because that's totally unfair. And also (continued on thread 94)

Comment Re:That guy looks and sounds like a pompous ass (Score 1) 69

Really? Every single person makes judgements by personality traits alone (or at least primarily?)

I certainly don't. Such considerations aren't just pointless, they are wrong. Considering how politics is going, you can see the skillful liar and charmer scamming millions of people because he had a "better personality" than a better man, who wasn't quite as charming. So we miss out on someone who might be a good person in favor of a charming sociopath. All because of "personality".

How is that working out?

Comment Re:That guy looks and sounds like a pompous ass (Score 1) 69

People who view others simply by personality traits are missing out. Yeah, so the guy talks like an arrogant twat, is he wrong?

You see, your attacking him on something completely irrelevant, simply because it is easier than to actually discuss the merits of what he was saying.

Keep in mind, he may be brilliant or he may be a complete loon, I am not judging either here, just your rebuttal, which amounts to "Big Fat Ugly ... do not like", which actually makes you exactly who hate the most, an arrogant twat. ;)

Comment Re:Oh good, a reason (Score 1) 342

What are Trump and Cruz's views on NSA mass surveillance? I doubt that either oppose it but I'm happy to be proven wrong. Rubio's comments don't seem, on the surface, to be out of whack with 99% of Republicans. I'd be surprised if other current candidates considered by most to not be insane strongly disagree with him on this. (Yeah, Rand Paul might, but he's already dropped out, and in any case...)

What makes Rubio more attractive than those two are that he's not on the theocratic wing, unlike Cruz, and... well, he's not Trump.

Comment Re:Want big Hollywood movies? Eliminate Hollywood (Score 1) 137

I'm sure the majority of actors would love what you're saying. Most actors don't get anything close to a living wage.

Now, sure, a few lead actors do, but then they're worth it. They pull people in to watch the movie so that it's capable of making its money back and paying something slightly less shitty to the other actors.

The other problem with the "We don't want actors earning outrageous salaries like $250,000 per movie!" (seriously, that's actually not unusual for a headliner) argument is it ignores context. Acting is a shitty career. If you're unsuccessful - and you probably will be - you'll end up leaving penniless. If you succeed, well, you have an expiration date (not a massive market for older people in Hollywood) after which you'll probably be incapable of useful employment because you just wasted ten years on a combination pretending to be someone else, and serving customers at cafes to make ends meet. You'll have next to no useful skills, beyond being available for bit roles in TV shows.

I'm not saying Hollywood is the most efficient of money making industries, but the salaries, at least, are, if anything, too small, largely because it relies upon unrealistic eager dreamers hoping they'll win the popularity lottery and get to be the next Brandon Routh or Kate Bosworth.

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 1) 92

Storage is always going to be an issue. Without integrated Cloud/Web Storage (like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox ...) even the SD card option is lame. As for Libre/Open Office, those are nice, but having live documents I can edit from just about anywhere is a huge benefit for me, and "Office" suites no longer suffice in today's world (IMHO)

Comment Re:Dear black and whiter (Score 1) 559

You said the street was designed for multi-ton vehicles, I corrected you, the street was designed for horses, and adapted for multi-ton vehicles. The street existed long before cars.

But I get it, you're one of those assholes who think that ruining someone else's neighborhood for your convenience is okay. The only solution is to block the roads with guard houses for neighborhoods like they do in the Philippines ...


Comment Re:Controversial? (Score 1) 124

Antibiotics are great, until Bacteria evolve to be resistant to them. And while it hasn't happened yet, there are indications that an outbreak of resistant bacteria might wipe out large portions of humanity.

Unintended consequences are unintended. And they often occur long after the root cause is forgotten.

Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 1) 137

I wasn't being harsh, I was being charitable. "New and recent releases" are the ones studios are most guarded about. Those are the movies they're expecting to still make quite a bit on DVD sales and TV payments. Commercially so-so movies from the 1980s (think "They Live" rather than "Blade Runner") are exactly the kind of thing you'd expect them to give away licenses at low cost.

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