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by EvilIdler (#47463073) Attached to: Pseudonyms Now Allowed On Google+
YouTube allowed a custom nickname too, if you were persistent. But as much as I tried, it never let me actually pick the the first 5 attempts. I now have 6 alternate identities which are *exactly the same 11-letter name*. But the 6th one stuck, and YouTube still logs in with it. G+ I only use to stay in touch with a minimal subset of developers, so my real name isn't a problem. I was confused by circles disappearing and being replaced with communities, though. It's not just their policies which need some tweaks, but also their interfaces.

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by EvilIdler (#45140127) Attached to: How To Develop Unmaintainable Software
Apart from the small size, that looked a lot like something I was stuck with for a while. The source for that project varied from 100MB to 250MB, because of slightly different customised versions for clients. It was written in an ancient dialect of BASIC that runs on no current system, so it had to be emulated. It could have been replaced in 6 months by two dedicated programmers for far less than it cost to buy the rights to the whole thing in the first place, but only one of us was that dedicated. There was a third guy, but he was of course an external consultant dedicated to knowing this system, and charging in limbs for maintenance. It's possibly that the system I worked on was the code-bloated version of the accounting system above. It did both accounting and PoS tasks, and then some.

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by EvilIdler (#44917125) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 7 Slow?
The funny thing is that even older devices (at least iPhone 4 and iPad 2, possibly others) which can upgrade to iOS7 don't have all those flashy effects. The backgrounds in popups are relatively flat, mostly opaque on my iPad, for instance. So no, it doesn't look like they activated effects my device can't handle in an effort to make me upgrade :)

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