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Comment: Re:They have a point (Score 1) 464

by Evil Kerek (#24357875) Attached to: Microsoft's "Mojave Experiment" Teaser Site Goes Live
If I had mod points, I'd mod you down.

This is such crap. I'm no Vista fan, but your post is just silly - an example of Linux FUD - and of course the Linux fanboi's here quickly mod you up - I mean you MUST be telling the truth. Like Micrsoft, why would you lie? Oh right, because people that use linux are BETTER people than people that use Windows.


I'm sure Linux would be just taking off right now if it weren't for big bad Microsoft. QQ some more. Maybe if you people spent HALF your energy improving the desktop instead of bashing Microsoft..oh good god why am I bothering..bunch of losers.


System going down at 1:45 this afternoon for disk crashing.