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Comment: Predicted future news (Score 1) 136 136

A famous rock star was sued today by an outraged mother whose daughter played his recording on the Kiss Transmission Device. The mother wants it to be ruled as child molestation and to be awarded infinity plus one dollars as damages for this heinous crime.

Comment: PSP vs 3DS (Score 1, Interesting) 47 47

One thing people forget is that, for a growing number of games, the PSP is also capable of 3D via setting the display to red-cyan anaglyph images.

Of course, this is a 3rd party feature that can only be used on hacked PSPs last I checked, but it's not like that's very hard.

Comment: Predicted future news: (Score 2, Interesting) 259 259

Professor Corey Bradshaw was assassinated by PETA agents for daring to imply that any animal was less important than any human. Their press release states that any other scientists that dare to put the survival of the hated human race above the that of the least important member of the animal kingdom would be similarly put to death.

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