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Comment: Re:Don't trust any app these days (Score 2) 180

by Eunuchswear (#48167987) Attached to: The Guardian Reveals That Whisper App Tracks "Anonymous" Users

Ironically you're asking when we might revolt against our own Government when yours disarmed you long ago, removing your capability altogether.

Why do Americans think all Europeans are unarmed?

Gun ownership per 100 residents:

USA: 90
Switzerland: 45.7
Finland: 45.3
France: 31.2
Austria: 30.4
Germany: 30.3
Greece: 22.5
Belgium: 17.2 ...
England: 6.2

Gun ownership is lower in Europe, but not as low as some people think.

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by Eunuchswear (#48160465) Attached to: Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right

I'd go for that, and it would be somewhat "progressive" that rich people tend to buy MUCH more expensive items, and more of them.


Taxes on consumption are regressive, not progressive -- the "poor" spend a greater part of their income than the rich.

Moving to taxes on consumption would just increase wealth inequality.

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by Eunuchswear (#48158505) Attached to: How Nigeria Stopped Ebola

On the first positive test for ebola, a quick humane administered death and incineration is the only thing that'll stop this thing now. The math says there are at least fifty infected traveling around the country right this minute

The math says that you are a hysterical fuckwit.

I'd advise you to seal yourself in your basement. Make sure to close all the airgaps. A generator might come in handy for the inevitable loss of electricty.

Is a person who blows up banks an econoclast?