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Comment: Re: most of you guys don't have a clue (Score 1) 221

Here's my prediction: Within two years, a caliphate controlled by Saudi Arabia (probably from behind a curtain) will attack Iran. Iran will resort to using nuclear weapons against Saudi Arabia. The Saudis already have access to nuclear weapons in Pakistan (if the Pakistanis actually have them) and will use them on Iran.


Iran doesn't have nukes.

Pakistan does.

Pakistan would never give nukes to Saudi Arabia.

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"Don't misunderstand. I'm no homophobe. But I can't stand flamers. If he wants to be that way, he can have surgery." [Lonny Eachus, 2010-07-16]

And I already explained it to you more than once now that you assigned a meaning of your own to those words that didn't actually exist when I wrote them.

Sorry? Who wrote what?

Comment: Re:Stop throwing good money after bad. (Score 1) 354

by Eunuchswear (#47423101) Attached to: The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

The problem here is that we have 30+ year old designs in the field now which are rapidly becoming obsolete and have exactly ONE option for mufti role utility aircraft to replace them.

"Mufti role"? A military plane in civilain dress?

If you mean "multi-role" you should be aware that historicaly "multi-role" weapons are ones that can do none of the roles for which they were designed well, while costing more than the sum of the single-role systems they replace.

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