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Comment Re: Maybe (Score 1) 414

Now that EPA testing is shown to flawed and the result clearly indicates the entire regulatory system is just as dysfunctional, perhaps the focus should be on improving both simultaneously. Why not require a engine control system be optimized for the desired performance in terms of fuel economy and pollution reduction, rather than continuing to allow marketers to dangle power, acceleration and top end speed in front of consmers as the holy trinity of all that is good and right about cars and trucks.

Clearly the free market and its attendant regulatory schema is failing us.

Comment Re: Wrangler reliability (Score 1) 414

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a 'free market' publication that anayzed and evaluated automobiles with such criteria in mind. John Maynard Keynes wrote about the comparison between central planning in communist states and advertising in capitalist economies. When all you get from auto manufacturers are engineering specs and hype, in the absence of thoughtful analysis, consumers end up with little information by which to.make inormed choices. Just like our political selections process, as evidenced by news organizations which routinely broadcast meaningless poll stats putting Trump at the head of a worthless pack of questionable stats. Trump is a Wrangler.

Comment Fines=payola (Score 1) 66

It's corporate business as usual in America. These crooked companiez benefit regardless of the fines. Restitution isn't required, the executives who initiate these programs keep their bonuses and the companies' cash flow is enhanced by the use of ill gotten gains. Additionally, anything paid through credit cards fills the tills of big banks and the interlocked corporate directorships as well as the 'investors'.

Comment Re:We're so screwed. (Score 2) 237

They are not tasked with keeping us safe; they are tasked with 'safeguarding our liberties'.

Safeguarding liberty by breaking through a constitutional boundary... That's a hot one! Thanks for the belly laugh.

The Bill of Rights is the set of proscriptions deemed necessary by the founders to ensure that the citizenry was protected from the tyranny of its own unrestricted government. The fourth amendment was enshrined to limit police power to that which could be rationally supported by evidence of wrong doing. I.E., the wrong doing must logical occur prior to the collection of evidence, in a system where provision against 'unreasonable search' is in force. Blanket surveillance of all electronic communications for as many channels as possible is so completely beyond the pale of reason for anyone who claims knowledge of liberty, that it's hard to believe anyone would question the legitimacy of such an attempt. But here it is...

Comment Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (Score 1) 225

Where's the coverage of something meaningful, like a rational response to the threat of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brains of kids? The federal courts just increased the potential settlement in the case against the NFL for the willful and negligent ignorance it showed its 'own' players, and Slashdot wants to trumpet the free advertising generated by the NFL spin doctors during the off-season?! How come no geeks have KickStarted a device for helmet data collection? One with a cell phone accelerometer, a near-field-computing chip/antenna and battery, so CTE could be easily researched and this stupid, violent, quasi-militaristic monopoly might be augmented by a rational approach to reality?

Comment Re: Disproportionate Malware (Score 0, Troll) 117

Everything about Android IS fishy, starting with its origin and ending with Apps that are allowed 'access' to anything just because the developer asks. Access to my contact list in exchange for information on astronomy?! C'mon... Why does Google approve of such behavior?

Apparently geeks only require security for their own personal data or that of their company and believe everyone else's is better off left wide open.

Comment Re: No, because they are not compatible (Score 0) 551

Functional and financial compatibility are both red herrings. Nuclear power has never been compatible with human health or security. You should read up on the work and activism of Helen Caldicott then carefully consider the history of development, the health concerns, and the current state of waste handling. The Hanford site, where nuclear fuel was first manufactured for weapons will most likely never be cleaned up, and there still is no politically or scientifically acceptable solution to the problem of long term storage or processing. If Chernoble didn't clue you in to that, then Fukushima most certainly should have. After +60 years the military uses uranium as if it's safe to vaporize and disperse radioactive munitions, revealing the level of care and concern that it and its industrial engineers employ in addressing the long term consequences.

Comment Fox Nuuz (Score 1) 285

I am 50+ and remember my 4th grade science teacher telling me that that the theory of plate tectonics was so new that it wasn't taught when she was in school. She brought it up because she wanted us little school kiddies to understand that scientific theory evolves with the adoption of new, peer reviewed, debated, experimentally validated hypotheses that depend upon specific and consistent use of language and method. All of this together is supposed to advance the state of human knowledge and hopefully the human condition. It's plain as the nose on Rupert Murdoch's ugly puss that Fox has no respect for anything but revenue and their editorial staff can't distinguish a science from a seance or a fact from a fascist, so why does anyone waste other people's time posting the stupid crap that spews forth from this maw of mediocrity? Is it really that addictive, or is revenue the least common denominator for the Nuu Slashdot as well? An Oreo from Cowboy Neal's chuck wagon for the first cogent response?

Comment Re: Future growth (Score 1) 178

By definition, the reason the price of ____ is ____ is because, "that is what the market will bear."

Fundamentally, the idea that neoclassical economics should be allowed to determine the course of human events or the development of civilization has revealed itself to be false. That's the upshot of The Enlightenment as viewed from the midst of the third wave of globalization wrapped in the second wave of industrialization, just before the shit hits the impeller. So the question becomes how to identify the necessary set of values which should replace those that were misidentifed and championed by the Cult of Adam Smith's Incredibly Invisible Hand.

It's officially one world now, according to all good wealthy western outsourcerers, and unless we're going to discriminate against those born to poverty and abandon them to the accident of birth, then redirecting the behemoth will require sacrifice from the first world to the rest. That means subsidized technological development where it's necessary to equalize the chasm of poverty, population decreases and environmental remediation to preserve the ecological integrity of a global system that's in decline and real discussion about what will characterize a heathy, sustainable system of natural and interconnected artifical human systems. It implies far better cooperation than the UN framework for (fill-in-the-blank).

Electrifying rural everwhere, if it can actually done with a net negative impact would be great. If it can't be done without increasing "globalization" as we have come to know it, then it won't matter much in 3 or 4 generations because the catastrophes associated with environmental degradation will include reductions in agricultural output, famine and social dystonia. Since we've "decided" that the natural world is the defacto sewer of industrial man, you can bet that increased envronmental stresses will usher in decreased health to go along with a few panicked incidences of pestilence requiring a little martial law. Don't be afraid, it will all be done for the good of all.

I can't say I believe any of these entrepreneurislisms holds much promise on its own, especially when they are measured in isolation. But if there is hope to be found in any of them, it will become apparent when any of them can be shown to fit into a systemic paradigm with multiple attributes that allow for energy efficiency, reduced environmental pollution, distributed and sustainable local economic development and reduced climatological impacts and a renewed respect man as an ecological participant as well as a social being. We need to establish a new metric for an acceptable level of the energetics of civilization, in much the same way scientists determine the needs of other biological species. Better yet, in the manner of parasitology which requires knowledge of interrelated species and their ecologies.

When you look at today's developments in that light, it's all quite simple.

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