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Comment: Re:So-to-speak legal (Score 1) 405

by EuclideanSilence (#47911153) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

If my neighbor wishes to die but she cannot kill herself, I could kill her provided we both agreed to!! It's our LIBERTARIAN RIGHT! If the cops find her dead, I should NOT be investigated. All I need to do is explain that we both had a VERBAL CONTRACT and that should be enough!

It's nice of you to joke about that. Lots of people have parents living in perpetual pain that are not allowed, by the government, to have a doctor or relative end their suffering. Keep trying to insult libertarians, and if you get what you deserve, you'll spend the last years of your life attached to a machine rolling in your own shit. The government will be on your side, making sure you have no choice in the matter.

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by EuclideanSilence (#47896641) Attached to: Software Patents Are Crumbling, Thanks To the Supreme Court

I wish I had a gold dollar for every random length of time I've seen assigned to patents or copyrights. But this is amazing. THREE arbitrary lengths of time in yet ANOTHER patent/copyright reform post.

Do yourself a favor and look up all the other posts that came before you. Everyone has some length of time that they think is best, but no one has any reason for it. Because there is no reason for it.

While at the same time, the patent/copyright forever movement has 1 unified goal. Anything closer to forever. This is why there will be no reform, because you refuse to use reason.

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by EuclideanSilence (#47658047) Attached to: Patents That Kill

Could Pixar have been kickstarted for ToyStory 1?

Perhaps if they had started out as a company that made stories with decent original plots instead of a expensive graphics company then yes. It wouldn't exactly hurt the industry if producers had to show actual story telling talent before getting fortunes for making shallow eye candy.

Comment: Re:And this is the same for copyrights. (Score 1) 240

by EuclideanSilence (#47657955) Attached to: Patents That Kill

I think we need reasonable limits on just about all "intellectual property". For copyrights, the content creator's remaining natural life plus ten years, or 40 years total, which ever is longer.

Reasonable is the opposite of arbitrary. To be arbitrary is to have no reason behind a choice. "Maximum of life plus 10 or 40 years" is arbitrary. There is no reason to it. That is why there is no patent reform. Because a small handful can rally around "longer" because that does have reasons (even if you personally don't like them), but no one can rally around a random choice. Until you can actually come up with a plan with REASONS then no patent or copyright reform will ever occur because no one will support you.

For patents, there should be a requirement to produce and sell the idea in the patent after a few years or to demonstrate a reasonable attempt to do so, and that different kinds of inventions should have different lengths of patent protection.

Again more arbitrary crap. What counts as an attempt to sell is completely subjective. Almost everything is for sale at some price. And begging for different lengths of time for different kinds of inventions? More arbitrary guessing.

I want people to get paid for their work

I hate when people say this. No you don't want people to get paid for their work. If your neighbor paints your house while you are away, do you want him to get paid for his work? We want people to get paid for what others agreed to pay them, regardless of how much "hard work" was involved.

but at the same time, if that work has caused significant cultural change then there should be a point when that work is released to that culture, instead of licensed to that culture for a fee.

Desires are not policies. You basically just stated that you both want IP law and that you don't want IP law. You just can't decide so you come up with subjective (that is, nonexistent) qualifiers like "cultural change". And all the time those who want IP law rally around 1 objective goal: longer longer longer. It is why IP law won't be "reformed".

Comment: Re:really? So Hamas is now a tech war machine? (Score 1) 402

by EuclideanSilence (#47598471) Attached to: The High-Tech Warfare Behind the Israel - Hamas Conflict

You make it sound like Israel's response to the murders was to start randomly bombing people. Israel's response to the kidnapping was to start making arrests and restricting access to Gaza as they searched for the kidnapped teenagers. Hamas started firing rockets. Israel retaliated with air strikes. By the time the bodies were found, the conflict was already in motion.

God, I wish Israel and Hamas would just stop fighting and admit they love each other and get laid with each other already. The tsundere teasing was cute at first but now it's just getting to be old news.

Comment: Re:Lets try this.... (Score 1) 790

Do you lack so much creativity that you can't think of "why" someone would do this? Wow.

  - Relative of previous victim angry that defendant got out of jail
  - Petty teenager looks up registry email and doesn't realize the implications of his actions
  - Self righteous crusader thinks we're too soft on crime, decides to do something on his own
  - Thin skinned keyboard warrior gets offended by an internet forum post of the defendant, looks up his email, cross references it with a registry
  - Defendant refuses to allow a cop to bully him, cop has access to all this stuff and decides to get even
  - Angry ex girlfriend, ex employee, ex employer...

And you have to ask "why?"

Comment: Re:Are the *sure* they got the right guy? (Score 1) 790

There are all sorts of stupid laws on the books which never get enforced.

No there aren't. You could say that there laws on the books which were never enforced. You could say that there are laws on the books which have not been enforced *yet*.

But unless the universe ends the moment you click "submit", then there is no such thing as "laws on the books which are never enforced", since never hasn't ended yet. Are you sure no one has ever been convicted on your never laws? Are you sure they've not been used to obtain otherwise unlawful warrants? Are you sure no one has been forced into a plea deal because of these "never enforced" laws? I doubt it very much.

Comment: Re:Well at least they saved the children! (Score 2) 790

I believe parent poster is generally why you have a right to face your accuser and his witnesses. Sure if the Google informant wishes to stay anonymous then by all means be suspicious. But you are suggesting that the informant formed a bias against the defendant without the defendant knowing who he is and being able to say "hey I know this guy, this is a setup". It's possible (the informant might not have liked the defendants political positions or whatever), but it is not the kind of thing that you can get away with very many times before a pattern emerges.

Either way, when you make possession illegal absent recklessness or intent to cause harm, this kind of easy setup is unavoidable. It's why you should never abandon mens rea.

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