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Submission + - Reuters Hacked, Fake News Posted

An anonymous reader writes: Thomson Reuters was hacked on Friday. The publication's blogging platform was breached and a false story about an alleged interview with a Syrian rebel leader was posted, the company has confirmed. " was a target of a hack on Friday," the company said in a statement. "Our blogging platform was compromised and fabricated blog posts were falsely attributed to several Reuters journalists. Reuters did not carry out such an interview and the posting has been deleted."
Open Source

Submission + - How Red Hat killed its core product—and became a billion-dollar business (

jbrodkin writes: "A decade ago, Linux developer Red Hat faced a decision that would make or break the company: whether to stop producing the very product that gave Red Hat its name. The company was built on Red Hat Linux, but when executive Paul Cormier joined the company as vice president of engineering in 2001, he knew Red Hat's devotion to open source alone couldn't create a business model capable of standing up to the Microsofts and Oracles of the world. He pushed for drastic action. Despite internal dissent (some engineers called Cormier "crazy") Red Hat dumped its free (as in beer) Red Hat Linux for the pricey, subscription-based, yet still open source Red Hat Enterprise Linux, creating a business model without disregarding the principles on which it was founded. Almost a decade later, the decision has paid off many times over: Red Hat will become the first billion-dollar open source company after its fiscal year ends Feb. 29."

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