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Comment: Re:So while all of this was happening (Score 1) 716

There is a difference between an asshole and a sociopath.

Bullies are assholes. They are selfish pricks who enjoy ruining things around them.

"Sociopaths" (to use the term loosely) are people who are not as inhibited by emotions. A lack of empathy is not the same thing as a preference for injuring others. Not to mention, being able to control your emotions and behave purely rationally can be a very good(tm) thing, if the person accepts helping others as rational.

I believe there are more assholes in the world than sociopaths. However, it is the presence of sociopaths that puts a limit on assholes. Bully a regular person and you will probably get away with it; bully a sociopath and it might be the last thing you do.

Comment: Re:Lobbying aside (Score 1) 408

You would also have to end corporate income tax, and put the remaining balance directly onto payroll income tax (with the appropriate raise in income). You'd also have to end payroll taxes (taxes that employer pays on your income) and put the balance of that onto your taxes and income. You'd also have to end sales tax and put the balance onto your income tax. You'd have to do it for both state and federal taxes.

This doesn't even begin to take into account how much your income is reduced by the fact that your company's customers and suppliers have to pay all of those taxes as well. More income for customers = more income for you. Less taxes on suppliers = cheaper prices for you.

Anyone working in the private sector has well over 50% of their working hours siphoned away by taxes.

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Frankly, it is actually putting people in danger in a way that is especially enormously terrible since it would be so easy to avoid. Why would you EVER publish unique identifiers that map to people like that? I can understand this was probably an oversight, but it really is indefensible as an intentional disclosure.

I consider this publication beneficial. If the data was restricted to government employees only, then only a small portion of the population would be in danger and the monitoring continues unchallenged. When everyone has to share the same danger, monitoring people becomes an issue.

I hate when people are so naive as to believe that collecting data on people is fine as long as only the government has access to that data. If it is not acceptable to make the data available to everyone, then it is not acceptable to make the data available to anyone.

Comment: Re:Singapore (Score 1) 383

by EuclideanSilence (#46724685) Attached to: UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

Did you ever try to do something significant? Run a company, run a political party, publish a popular newspaper, build a marvel of engineering? To call a legal system unobtrusive, it requires more than insignificant people not being bothered by legalities. A legal system should also not hinder those make progress for humanity. If the defense against a legal system is to be a serf, then to hell with it.

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by EuclideanSilence (#46724617) Attached to: UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

Japan should never be used a comparison for any statistic. Japan is a country that existed for thousands of years in isolation, only opening up to foreign trade for the last couple hundred years. They have around 98% ethnic purity. Their language is unique, their beliefs are unique, there is no other place in the world with similar social expectations. They have 2 dominant religions that have (and with 1 exception due to an emperor, always have) existed in complete peace with each other. Japan is so unique that any correlation between them and the rest of the world is actually intriguing. To try to find significance to a single statistical difference is practically impossible.

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In a free economy, yes.

When companies exist only by monopolistic decree of congress (utilities, ISPs, overbroad patents and IP, quotas preventing competition), then that company should at least be held to the same restrictions as congress.

If McDonalds wants to regulate speech in their restaurants, that is fine. If Comcast wants to, that is not fine, Comcast is effectively a creation of the government. I imagine a search engine is closer to free than privileged, so in this case the courts are probably ruling towards the intent of the First Amendment, but that isn't necessarily always the case with every company.

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by EuclideanSilence (#46526599) Attached to: Full-Disclosure Security List Suspended Indefinitely

I'll jump into the middle of this AC argument!

Godel's incompleteness theorems don't mean that you can't make fully verified software. It means that you can make software which can't be verified. Big deal. Verification is coming; in some areas, like medical/aero software and processor design it's already here.

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by EuclideanSilence (#46526533) Attached to: Full-Disclosure Security List Suspended Indefinitely

Entire processors have been verified mathematically to perform as designed. That's some serious complexity right there. Much medical and aeronautical software is verified.

...Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Red Hat...

... all create consumer products for casual users. Casual users don't demand perfect software, so of course they don't get it. Some companies do have that expertise though, and it isn't cheap.

Comment: Re:**criminal elements of...** (Score 1) 320

Having money isn't corrupt. It is the means by which the money is acquired that may be corrupt.

Granted, as US law is setup now, it's nearly impossible to become rich without your hands in the US treasury, or special legal status not afforded to the general public. But it's not the "being rich" itself that is the problem.

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by EuclideanSilence (#46495907) Attached to: U.S. Aims To Give Up Control Over Internet Administration

The Suni / Shiite fighting are constantly fighting each other in Iraq, even leading to a named Iraq civil I said. The US has completely avoided going to war with any country that is actually willing to fighting back. The question isn't whether the US would win in Panama, it's whether or not Panama would be willing to fight back. The only thing a country really has to be able to do to defend itself against the US is to make it known that they will attack the mainland US in retaliation.

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