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Comment Re:Aim to not be Reddit, Hacker News, Stack Overfl (Score 1) 1829

I personally don't like the firehose, but maybe it's a good idea.

Years ago we tried to make topics actually work. It never really gained traction because there just isn't that much attention in those dedicated areas.
Years ago we also tried tagging articles, but mods tended to be upset when we tagged many terrible articles as 'slow news day.'

Perhaps, the two could be combined to form not terribly specific communities that have a lower threshold for publishing and could be surfaced to the main page if it gets enough discussion. It's not quite a reddit implementation where communities are established with their own moderation bland, but more of a sorted version of firehost.

Right now, I don't use any of those and there are a large number of not really 'news for nerds' articles I don't care to read. Perhaps if I could just surf the '' or '' with more frequent articles then it would help both flesh out more articles and bring back a little niche.

It's something to think about... I don't really see a need to self moderated communities like reddit because of of the shit hole that can become, but realistically you need a way to lower the barrier to news aggregation. These side channels could be filled faster and maybe carry a disclaimer about the frequency of publishing.

Comment Re: Meet the new boss (Score 1) 1305

In fairness, they did drop the tech slant and posted general fluff in order to make a wider appeal to slashvertisements.

If that isn't a monetization strategy I don't know what is!

It had the tiny (oh so small) side effect of alienating the user base they purchased. I'm sure all those hardcore fans would have been replaced with a more general consuming consumer eventually. If only there had been more time!

Comment Re:Why? (Score 5, Insightful) 2219

I as well made a coginitive effort to identify why I did not like the beta site.

The usable space was decreased terribly to make far far too much room for advertisements. This coupled with the whitespace seriously hampered lengthy discussion. This is the type of after thought someone would put into a comment system for a site that does not favor user comment. Really, slashdot as a meta site is only made valuable by the discussions that take place. It's 2014, aggregation of news is pretty much done by every tom, dick and cylix. I can flip to a number of web sites and "news" apps for bulletins on what is going on in the world.

I agree wholeheartedly with the lack of detail regarding comments. I would generally assume someone would take away the valdiation we have as users because this would make it much easier to inject false comments. (Maybe I'm just paranoid or at least that is what the mothership tells me).

While I was jumping around the web I noticed something really interesting. The new comment system and layout was a huge rip from I suppose most of the horrific websites which pretend to care about user opinion look pretty much the same flavor of blah.

The point being, when the commodity of your site is the user base, it's probably a bad idea to marginalize them.

Comment Required: Facebook page, and friend the corp. page (Score 1) 358

At a previous job, my employer required all employees to have a page on Facebook and we were all supposed to "friend" the company's corporate page. I told them "Fire me if you like, I refuse to join Facebook." Worked there for quite a while, and never got called out on it. I did, however, have to list any on-line communities I was part of in my "Disclosure and Background Check Release" to get my security clearances. They told me I had to stop posting in the sci-fi discussion group I was a member of. While that was a small price to pay for an amazing paycheck doing something I enjoyed, I thought it was a little draconian.
With their complete dropping of the Facebook requirement, I wonder if I'd have called their bluff if they would have done anything.

Comment Re:Not ground breaking (Score 1) 87

Planetside lost some of it's original vision after heavily incorporating changes from forum complaints/suggestions. This had the net effect of removing strategic or skill based methods of achieving goals. Interestingly enough, with quick enough hands and some skill a BFR could be brought down from a hot drop mosquito. That of course was nerfed beyond recognition in the name of only equally classed entities should be able to really interact/combat with each other. No sir, your battle monger 5000 can't shoot the peons because the weapons weren't designed for that!

There are a good deal more examples of what drove away their community, but we don't really need to go into that. Sadly, PS2 is going to re-envision all the poor ideas they contrived throughout the first PS. It will be interesting to see if a vanity approach to sales will function with this game. In most cases, the combat isn't necessarily as face to face as other games which have found that route to be viable.

Comment Re:"while operating a taxicab" (Score 4, Funny) 264


And yes, I know I cheated. I knew I wasn't supposed to read the article, but I just couldn't help myself.

We tend to be fairly forgiving here so I'll let you off with a warning this time. Just be more cautious in the future and mistakes like this won't happen again.

*Hops back into the RTFM Patrol Car and speeds off down the information super highway.

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