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The Courts

Submission + - New Option for Pursuing GPL Violations

joed1971 writes: It looks like there is a new option for companies wishing to pursue GPL violations. "The (SFLC), provider of pro bono legal services to protect and advance free and open source software (FOSS), today announced the formation of Moglen Ravicher LLC, a law firm which will represent select for-profit clients

One of their first clients is OpenNMS, who based on information provided by Ask Slashdot readers was able to gather evidence that Cittio is violating the GPL with the distribution of its Watchtower product.

MythTV Scheduling Service Reveals Pricing 236

An anonymous reader writes "A group of open source developers have been working behind the scenes to create a new service known as Schedules Direct to provide affordable scheduling data for North American users of MythTV. Today, they've announced an initial pricing plan of $15 for a 3 month block, non-recurring. Details are still fairly light at the moment, but there's a mailing list and a FAQ available on the site — one notable tidbit is that the developers 'expect pricing to drop by the end of the initial term. Our goal is $20/year.' This comes weeks before the planned shutdown of Zap2it Labs' Data Direct service mentioned previously."

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