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Comment: Re:Because (Score 1) 263

Try VivoTek as well, they make some nice 5MP units with good optical zoom - meaning you can mount the camera a good distance away and zoom into the menu board.

We used to run mobotix exclusively, and their cameras are now in the low to mid-range in performance, but still high-end in price.

Comment: Re:Curiously familiar (Score 5, Insightful) 248

by ColaMan (#48834865) Attached to: SpaceX Landing Attempt Video Released

Firstly, it was considerably easier to do it on the moon. Low orbital speed, 1/6 the gravity, no air resistance on descent, very light lander (as it wasn't pushing 40+tons of second stage to orbit).

Secondly, this stage was doing Mach 8 to 10 at about 80km altitude when it separated from the second stage. They did an extra burn that briefly popped it out of the atmosphere, reversed its course, then did a hypersonic re-entry tail first and (nearly) landed on a 50x60m barge.

Nobody has done that before. Not the guys with the shuttle SRB's, they just fell back to earth (and were strong enough to withstand the tumbling in the atmosphere, being SRBs). Not Boeing with it's dinky little hops of 10,000 feet in a continuously-stable attitude at subsonic speeds. Nobody has gotten this far before with the return of the first stage of a liquid-fuelled booster. Seeing as those things are enormously complex and very expensive, it'd be great to get one back in one piece to use again.

Comment: Re:why start after the fact? (Score 1) 219

by Belial6 (#48788931) Attached to: LAPD Orders Body Cams That Will Start Recording When Police Use Tasers
Of course he should. It is people like you that encourage police abuse of power that keeps them behaving so badly. There is no reason that a cop needs to be armed to take a piss. The rest of us take a piss without weapons every day. We eat dinner without weapons too.

Comment: Re:Good Cops (Score 1) 219

by Belial6 (#48783119) Attached to: LAPD Orders Body Cams That Will Start Recording When Police Use Tasers
The fact that a CHP officer stopped and gave you a ride does not mean that he didn't shake down a drug dealer for his take an hour earlier. I'm not saying that your anecdote cop did commit such a crime, but given the number of bad cops we know exist, and how few of those cops get arrested, the odds are that your 'good' cop is at the very least an accomplice to crimes committed by other cops.

Comment: Re:why start after the fact? (Score 0) 219

by Belial6 (#48783075) Attached to: LAPD Orders Body Cams That Will Start Recording When Police Use Tasers
Yep, if the cop is armed with any weapon that would allow for a "in the line of duty" to be used as a defense, a camera should be recording. If the cop needs a non-recorded break, they all of his weapons should be secured in a way that he does not have access to them until the cameras are recording again.

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