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Comment Re:Do you know what else they censored? (Score 3, Interesting) 39

From a quick glance at their page, the focus seems to be on widely shared content that has subsequently been censored.

So you'd need a fairly big conspiracy to make a fake censorship story here (or at least a pretty long, hard slog making tons of fake screenshots).
On the other hand, this method will only work on things that arn't censored immidiately.

Although, if it's algorithmically censored on posting (see Tsu), it should be fairly easy to replicate.

Comment Re:the interesting part (Score 1) 63

The interesting part seems to be that at least scientists use different weights between asking their opinion (such as a poll) and gambling on outcomes with real money.

Nope. Spot the difference:

" their collective gambling —with real money—predicted the outcome of attempts at replicating experimental results better than their own expert guesses. "

Comment Re: And what if we were just colder 160 years ago (Score 1) 735

This isn't hard.

The ideal temperature is: the temperature that doesn't make seafront property underwater property.

The temperature that doesn't necessitate massive displacement of current agriculture.

The temperature where people don't start dying because they can't handle the heat.

The temperature that doesn't result in massive vegetation death and only much later the growth of species that can handle the new local situation.

This temperature is, by current scientific reasoning, less than 2c warmer than the pre-industrial average.

Comment Confirm broken in Norway (Score 1) 64

Tested on two computers + 1 android phone (on a separate connection). Unable to see anyone online (Even Echo / Sound Test Service is offline). A few users appeared online until attempting to call them (including Echo).

Tried signing out on one of the computers, and signing back in appears broken. (takes forever and fails with wrong credentials error. I *might* be misremembering my password, but I doubt it.)

The Almighty Buck

How Comcast Bankrolls Organizations That Support TWC Merger 59

An anonymous reader writes: When Comcast announced it was pursuing a takeover of Time Warner Cable, many activists and internet users immediately submitted objections to the deal. Support came more slowly, but steadily, from organizations like the International Center for Law and Economics, and from politicians like Governor Phil Bryant (R-MS). Now, a NY Times report reveals that much of this support for the merger came in exchange for money from Comcast. Fortunately, even after spreading money around so liberally, Comcast is still struggling to find a coherent, believable message for regulators, and the deal is far from assured.

From the article: "Letters detailing the benefits of the Comcast deal were submitted to the Federal Communications Commission by staff members from Americans for Tax Reform, the American Enterprise Institute, the Institute for Policy Innovation, Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Free State Foundation and the Center for Individual Freedom, as well as by a professor at a technology program at the University of Pennsylvania, all of which received support from Comcast or its trade association, tax documents and other disclosures reviewed by The New York Times show. A similar pattern is evident with charities like the Urban League and more than 80 other community groups that supported the media company and that also accepted collectively millions of dollars in donations from the Comcast Foundation over the last five years, documents reviewed by The Times show."

Submission + - Girls 'better than boys at making computer games', study finds. 1

Esteanil writes: Researchers in the University of Sussex's Informatics department asked pupils at a secondary school to design and program their own computer game using a new visual programming language.
The young people, aged 12-13, spent eight weeks developing their own 3D role-playing games. The girls in the classroom wrote more complex programs in their games than the boys and also learnt more about coding. The girls used seven different triggers – almost twice as many as the boys – and were much more successful at creating complex scripts with two or more parts and conditional clauses. Boys nearly always chose to trigger their scripts on when a character says something, which is the first and easiest trigger to learn.

1000 pains = 1 Megahertz