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Comment International Demographics? (Score 2, Interesting) 272

If the study is only done in the US, then I don't think it do the name "Extreme Gamers" justice. Come to Asia, hell, go to Korea's "internet cafes", and you will find people who never leave the place. There are a lot more local mmorpg games here than there are in the States, and those are the type of games that suck your life away. And they are all PC games too, which will debunk the more console than pc claim.

Comment Re:who loses? (Score 1) 232

the Chinese people.

and people who are in China for whatever reason...
Plus, a lot of the local Chinese already know the kind of crap that the government is pulling (censorship, propaganda, oppression, human rights violation, etc.). So by censoring websites, especially good websites, will only further infuriate its people.

Submission + - Apple Sues HTC->

EspressoFreak writes: Apple sues HTC for patent infringement and HTC tries to fight back.
"Apple, which filed complaints with both the U.S International Trade Commission and in federal court in Delaware, is seeking a ban on U.S. imports, sales or use of some HTC phones, alleging that HTC infringed on Apple's patents involving the iPhone's touch-screen user interface, hardware and software."

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Comment Re:a game that tells the truth about religion (Score 1) 523

How about someone create a game that occurs during the inquisition when the ignorant Christians killed thousands of people who wouldn't convert to their religion?

that's what i do in AOE. i send in my priests first (almost always fail) before i overrun my opponents with my entire army ftw.

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