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Comment Re:Download the ISO (Score 1) 289 289

That only works if you upgraded already, because that's when your product key "updates" itself to let you reinstall windows.

Also, if you have a laptop that came with windows 8, you don't have a product key, as it is embedded. So, DON'T install this unless you already upgraded via the reserve option.

Comment flawed? (Score 1) 597 597

I didn't read the article (this is slashdot after all), but if it's a chrome plugin, would that register key presses outside the browser? The caps key is basically never used in a browser. On my job, users rely on caps lock to type into forms inside our iseries system.

In my opinion the least used key is the scroll lock and the pause key

Comment Re:Simple yes or no question (Score 1) 96 96

Sadly the answer is "we do not know yet"
Everyone is asking about what happens to your retail key. Will you keep the same product key? Will they give you another? Will you be able to change your motherboard? Will you need to update for your product key to "transform" and work as Win 10 retail from now on? For us gamers, these are the questions.

Comment Re:Sync (Score 2) 233 233

We experience this issues when the motherboard battery dies and resets the computer's date to year 2000 or such. Since most users aren't admins, the machines can't receive the correct time on their accounts therefore we logon with our admin accounts and the time corrects itself.

But for 3-4 minutes we don't have issues.

Comment Sync (Score 3, Informative) 233 233

We have 600 machines in my company's network distributed over 20 cities in our country. The servers are all located on our main branch and are connected through slow WAN frame relay links (up to 4Mbps)

We have time differences between machines, sometimes up to 3 or 4 minutes, and we don't seem to have issues. I find it strange than a possible 1 second different could cause so much issues.

Perhaps the Google method is better because the adjustment will take place during the day and not at the last second.

Comment Really surprised to see this story (Score 1) 294 294

Argentina isn't desperate and is actually holding on their own, their biggest issue is inflation which is about 25%. So i am surprised to see this story being about Argentina and not Venezuela

Now we venezuelans are indeed in much trouble. The inflation is so high the government doesn't publish it anymore, but is expected to be near 200% per year. Every item you can think of it's scarse since most of them are being imported and the government ran out of dollars since oil price has gone down (and corruption gets getting higher)

We get fingerprinted at supermarkets so we aren't able to buy twice the same item in a week, yet there are people that pay the government and get items and resell them on the black market. I am talking mostly about food, toiler paper and most supplies.

A car here costs more than an apartment, for another example.

Conversion rate is nearly 320 bolivares per USD, while 3 years ago it was about 20 bolivares per USD

Comment Chrome is the new IE (Score 4, Interesting) 240 240

Some pages only load on it, because startups often require features that are only available on it. The new whatsapp for web comes to mind, at first it was available only for chrome.

Computer manufacturers often bundle chrome preinstalled.
In my country Venezuela few people went to download firefox, but venezuelans love google search, so you see ads to upgrade from your old IE 8 to chrome.

Here are my website's stats (insurance company):
Chrome (55.31%)
Firefox (21.87%)
Internet Explorer (19.00%)

Windows (89.72%)
Android (4.80%)
Macintosh (2.57%)
iOS (1.54%)
Linux (0.54%)

Windows versions:
7 (60.97%)
XP (29.26%)
8.1 (6.15%)
8 (2.33%)

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