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Comment: Re:Nope! (Score 1) 404 404

Even if we believed the lunacy that the US put Saddam up to invading Kuwait, why didn't Saddam get the clue to leave when Bush, Sr. massed hundreds of thousands of US troops on his border? Hell, since, according to you Saddam did whatever Bush wanted, why didn't the "This will not stand" speech do the trick?

Comment: Re:Is this the un"adjusted" raw data? (Score 1, Informative) 310 310

but what evidence do you have that NASA has manipulated any of their work for political reasons?

The thing about NASA's surface measurements is that they come from sparse temperature stations that are badly compromised by encroached urban heat islands, various other changes, and declining numbers, and the sea observations are way more sparse. Add to this that NASA has made "adjustments" to the data about ten times over the past 30 years and each time, of the six possibilities, they have always managed without fail to cool the past and warm the present. The chance of this happening randomly from correcting random faults in the data is 1 in 6 = 1 in 60-million. In other words, they couldn't me more naked about cooking this data that a great deal of Climate Science depends on to match NASA's agenda (presumably to create an artificial temperature gradient to get more "crisis" funding from the US government). For example, if you compare the raw surface data for the US vs. the cooked data, you will find that the 1930's were actually warmer than today, whereas the cooked data shows the 1930's being cooler:

The thing about the RSS and UAH satellite data is that it is direct, full-coverage, and objective. The satellites whiz around the Earth several times a day, so every spot on the Earth is monitored pretty much in real time. This is most important for the oceans which cover 70% of the Earth where the surface observations are extremely sparse and large areas are extrapolated to conjure up quesionable numbers. Numbers that directly contradict the direct satellite observations. And other surface data sets for that matter.

NASA's cooking of the books for the surface data is generally unknown to the public, but this round of the next, the public might just catch on.

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, 1984

Comment: Re:Last time we saw crazy market valuations, (Score 1) 109 109

If the voting majority in a first-world democracy actually wanted reform, they would get it in the next election. Protesters in the streets are necessarily always fringe lunatics. The Revolution will be televised -- on election night. You only get bloody revolutions in countries that don't have democracy.

Comment: Re:Overblown (Score 3, Insightful) 396 396

In principle, there could be parts of the plan that require secrecy in order to work. Otherwise, if the market knew a particular move was coming, it would react to it before it happened which could defeat the purpose of various possible moves.

They are called computers simply because computation is the only significant job that has so far been given to them.