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Comment Gun control to the rescue (Score 2, Funny) 163

Fortunately, we know from gun controllers what all the arguments are for regulating something during a moral panic:

- We must regulate this assault science.
- No more than 7 strands of DNA -- why would anyone ever need more than that?
- Scientists must register and be fingerprinted by their local sherrif.
- They must keep all their test tubes in a regulation safe when not in use.
- Scientists shouldn't have access to automatic equipment. No military-style scientific equipment either.
- One equipment purchase per scientist per month.
- Buying scientific equipment for another scientist will be a felony.
- Convicted felons won't be allowed to possess scientific equipment.
- Scientific equipment will only be allowed to be sold through a licensed dealer, with Federal background checks.

These and other common-sense controls will help keep us safe from these rogue scientists. We must enact them now, before it's too late!

Comment Re:Nice (Score 4, Insightful) 672

Scalia made no mention of academic records, he only mentions being African American as a criterion.

You're either ignorant of the topic, and falling for the inflammatory press coverage, or you're intentionally distorting the subject, yourself.

Scalia was merely making reference to a specific brief that had been submitted. The brief in question makes "mention of academic records" and discusses the favorability of various outcomes (for African American students, specifically) in-detail.

If he had said, "What's the name of that book, you were reading, about that black guy who killed somebody?" would you be calling him a racist, who apparently thinks all African Americans are murderers? It's absurd and utterly disingenuous.

Comment Re:Clinton vs Sanders (Score 1) 361

Because Democrat voters are less reliable than Republican voters. When there's huge publicity and a maximum effort to drag every last unmotivated person to the polls to vote for President, Democrats do better. During off years unmotivated people stay home and Republicans do better.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 5, Informative) 672

He was a racist who didn't believe black people deserved to belong to elite universities

All he said was accepting people to tougher schools than their academic records justify, to fulfill an affirmative action quota, may be harder on them and less rewarding, in the end.

It's politically incorrect to say so, and he could have phrased it more carefully, but not at all racist. Everybody jumped at it to make their own political points with their base, knowing full well they were spouting crap. Of course, he still might have been a racist, but that doesn't prove it.

Comment Re:Clinton vs Sanders (Score 1) 361

That's not it. Mid-term elections don't go well for Democrats, and they don't go well for the President's party in general. If the President is Sanders, that's a steep hill to climb already.

Is Sanders a charismatic leader that can ignite and unify the country? Would you buy a used car from anyone who answered "yes" to that question?

Comment Re:Boycott Hertz. (Score 1) 361

Hertz is already doing pretty bad. Uber and Lyft are a huge problem for the rental car companies. And Hertz in particular has accounting irregularities. They're going to have to redo the last 5 years of their financials.

Their only saving grace is that car rental has become an oligopoly. The Obama Administration allowed Avis to merge with Budget and Hertz to merge with Dollar/Thrifty. Avis also bought Zipcar. The other company in the 3-way oligopoly is Enterprise/National. Car rental pricing has been artificially high with less competition.

Uber and Lyft, and the entrance of some smaller competitors (because the car rental business has low barriers to entry -- really, how hard is it to rent cars?) are starting to bring rates down again.

Rather than simply boycotting Hertz, I suggest using a service like Hotwire. Wait until the day before you need to rent a car and then go to Hotwire. Rental companies can either rent you one of their cars for cheap or leave it sitting on their lot earning them nothing. If there are no good deals (because of high demand or because the local city has a high tax on car rentals) just use Uber or Lyft.

If your company has an exclusive deal with Avis or Hertz for business travelers, your company is overpaying, probably by a very large amount. Do some price comparisons with Hotwire and email them to the decision makers. That would be the worst thing for Hertz.

Comment What is wrong with submitter? (Score 1) 281

my phone likes to die at the most inconvenient times and leaves me out of touch with people.

I don't see how this can possibly be a problem for a functioning adult human. Your phone has a more accurate fuel gauge than your car, and is infinitely easier to refuel when low:

- There are very inexpensive and highly portable USB phone chargers powered by AA batteries, built-in high capacity rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, PV solar panels, hand-cranks, etc, etc.

- Slightly less portable are pocket-sized "travel" chargers that plug into 100v-240v, 50/60Hz utility power. These are convenient if (instead of hunting wild game through the forest) you sit down to eat in a building (that may or may not be called a restaurant) roughly 3 times per day, like most of the rest of people who live in the 1st world. IMPORTANT NOTE: These chargers will work even while you're not eating, such as while you are at home, in a hotel suite, visiting friends, or working in an office.

- And finally closing out the list are 12-24V automotive USB phone chargers, which will quickly replenish your phone's battery while it, and you, are spending time in an automobile, even if you don't happen to own the automobile in question...

Note that all of these options will replenish your phone's battery, and extend its run-time, even while you are using your phone and would otherwise be draining the battery.

With the business I'm starting requiring clients to be able to get ahold me quickly

I'm guessing they don't just enjoy your quick and witty replies... Being able to send them a short e-mail from your pager probably won't keep them happy for long. In most cases, being paged is just a precursor to an important telephone call, which is not going to be possible if your cellphone battery is dead. It may also require a follow-up where you look-up some important notes from your records, or otherwise load some data from the internet. All things your pager won't help you to do, but a fully-charged cellphone likely will.

Actually, I'm finding it hard to believe your quick response is all that important to anyone, if you lack even the rudimentary ability to keep a cellphone charged and operational through the day. This sounds more like a question about a parent keeping track of an irresponsible child.

It's much easier swap out a AA battery once a month

It's much easier to let a horse graze on the side of the road

This is a false-dichotomy, anyhow, as it's clear you want to continue to use your phone. So the pager will be extra work and cost on top of that... absolutely NOT eliminating any effort for you, at all.

do you have a pager? Do you still find it useful?

No. Nobody has a pager, and nobody finds them useful.

"the number of such devices in use has been plummeting each year"

"We are turning down the service because very few people still use it," says Telus spokesman Chris Garretson. "This is thirty-year-old technology — the infrastructure is aging and replacement parts are difficult to get."

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