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Comment: Re:Uh, T-Shirts? (Score 3, Informative) 30

by Kohath (#49809859) Attached to: Rosetta Team Proposes Landing On Comet To Finish Mission

Here's the info:

Short version:

A team of sceintists and engineers spent many years and millions of dollars to land a spacecraft on a comet -- an unprecedented achievement in human history. One of the scientists wore his lucky shirt which depicted anime characters.

Feminists and gender warriors decided that landing a spacecraft on a comet wasn't important -- their supposedly hurt feelings about the pictures on the shirt were the only thing worth talking about that happened that day. Rather than telling the gender warriors to go fuck themselves (or, more appropriately, to go achieve something themselves before coming back and making demands), the scientist was forced to make a tearful apology.

In some circles, this has led to a backlash against the gender warriors. So every time anyone achieves anything significant, people say "What really matters is what kind of shirts they were wearing!" - as a reminder of the incident, and a way to contrast achievement versus entitlement.

Comment: Re: Yes more reliable (Score 2) 100

by metamatic (#49807483) Attached to: Google Calendar Ends SMS Notifications

Not to mention SMS is not reliable. SMS messages are not guaranteed, they are delivered on a "best effort" basis. Your mobile network is free to drop them on the floor and not retry if your phone moves out of signal range, the network is congested, or any other reason they feel like. This is particularly prone to happening when messages have to go across network boundaries.

Obviously the person who wrote the summary was under the mistaken belief that SMS is designed to be reliable, just like lots of people believe that email is designed to be instant...

Comment: Re:More proof the media is controlled by Republica (Score 2) 276

I generally agree Jeb is unlikely to win because people don't want him, but I'm more worried than you are. If your sort of analysis could be counted on, then we could already call a Hillary loss in the general election because people don't like Hillary. She has very little to offer and probably won't be able to do anything to surprise anyone or to motivate a strong turnout.

I'd guess the most likely outcome is President Scott Walker and Vice President Marco Rubio.

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