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Comment: Re:Google Chrome (Score 0) 314 314

I understand that it may benefit from features in Chrome, and it is fine that they want to let me know. What bothers me is that it is calling my browser "outdated" just because it doesn't support their favorite draft HTML5 feature. It comes off to me as more of a Chrome advertisement than a helpful notification.

Comment: Re:A really nasty trick (Score 3, Insightful) 765 765

I agree. He is an expert in video compression, not patent law. I think his argument as to VP8's patent status is flawed. He claims that VP8 is likely covered by patents because it shares many features with H.264. However, I suspect that these common features are those that are covered by known patents. A list of all known H.264 patents is available on MPEG-LA's website; therefore, it is public knowledge what features of H.264 are protected by known patents. However, nobody has been able to name a specific patent that VP8 violates. On2 surely must have reviewed this list when designing VP8, and borrowed all those features of H.264 that are not covered by known patents.

+ - Amazon EC2/S3 vs. traditional Webhosting? 3 3

Tasha26 writes: I was recently asked to name a good webhosting site (and the friend didn't want GoDaddy for some reason), but then I wondered how an Amazon EC2/S3 solution compares (in price or advantage) over traditional web-hosting? Maybe there's a study on it or someone has experience of running a site from Amazon. I looked at the Amazon pricing but it turns out to be a structure: I/O connections, bandwidth, S3, EC2... even if you don't use S3 but your Firefox S3 app. pings to it, you get billed. Too many variables for a straightforward comparison. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

+ - T-Mobile USA IPv6 Beta is launched!->

netw3rx writes: As it is well known, IPv4 addresses are running out and less than 7% remain unallocated. For that reason, it is good to see another IPv6 program from a major player. The T-Mobile USA IPv6 beta program is the largest wireless IPv6 open beta available right now since it is open to any T-Mobile USA subscriber within the the coverage area. The major limitation is that only Nokia handsets are support at this stage.
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+ - Paypal virtual card alternatives->

An anonymous reader writes: Paypal has quietly killed the paypal plugin and the related virtual card service. The service generated on the fly, one time use credit card numbers. When I called in and inquired about the service I was told that the service has been discontinued, but may be relaunching something similar depending on interest. They are treating inquiries as a sort of petition, taking down names and contact info. The forums seem to be a lost cause, as no Paypal reps have replied to the numerous posts regarding Virtual cards being discontinued. Does anyone know of a good alternative source of one time use credit card numbers?
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Comment: Re:Sounding good over all (Score 2, Informative) 139 139

I have used VP8, and I'd also say "VP8 doesn't suck." I will agree that On2's website for it is misleading. I will also agree that H.264 does a better job of compressing video than VP8. However, just because VP8 falls short of the best performing format available doesn't mean it sucks. VP8 still is a good format, and I would argue that it is the best patent-free format for web video, assuming Google is correct about its patent status.

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