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Comment: I am not producer for the Star Trek MMO (Score 5, Informative) 150

Hi, Eric Heimburg here (quoted in article).

I just wanted to clarify that although I was the producer for Asheron's Call 2, and have been lead engineer/lead designer for other MMO titles, I'm not affiliated with the upcoming Star Trek MMO. I worked on an earlier incarnation of the Star Trek MMO, when it was being made by Perpetual. (They went bankrupt and lost the license.) Somehow wires got crossed in the Wired article, and then they got crossed here, too.

This detail would be irrelevant and not worth mentioning, except that the company making the new Star Trek MMO is also making the superhero MMO "Champions Online" -- a direct competitor to CoH.

So there's been a meme of "he's a shill for the competition!" going on at, which makes me sad. I am not a shill for any major MMO company... at the moment.

However, I am hyping my amazing blog at but a link to it always seems to get omitted in the article coverage...

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