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Comment: Re:MOD PARENT RACIST (Score 1) 275

by Eravnrekaree (#48650191) Attached to: Dish Pulls Fox News, Fox Business Network As Talks Break Down

I dont have any bigotry, so what are you talking about? So many seem to be awfully good at blaming people of another race for their problems even though the justifications for this have long since vanished. So why do we continue to do it? The Civil Right movement, once valid and justified, once concerned with a valid agenda for an equal employment opportunity, has morphed into a full scale war on white people taken to a now genocidal extreme. And you are accusing me of being racist, who has agrees with such things as equal employment rights. When did I ever say that anyone should be discriminated against in employment because of race. I find the idea to abhorrent, as abhorrent as schemes to try to get revenge against and attack demonized racial group. What other majority racial group has gone so far to gaurantee equal economic opportunity for minorities, protections I support? Not many. So why does an attack continue against this majority group? Its because this is not about rights for minorities anymore, it has morphed into an attack on the majority.

Comment: King Obama Cuba admirer (Score -1) 115

by Eravnrekaree (#48650149) Attached to: Cuba Says the Internet Now a Priority

If you honestly think that Cuba will ever allow their people free and open access to the internet your a crack snorting hippie. I know that the communist libtards that run this website probably think that its so wonderful that His Majesty King Obama has extended a hand of friendship to his murderous, oppressive communist regime, that it might change things. It will only embolden them, rather than change anything for the better. It was a gesture from one wannabe communist regime to a communist regime. Obama has long admired Cuba and has long been of the mindset, as other close associates such as Ayers, that the murdererous Castro regime are wonderful communists and how unjust and bad that the US has been to punish them. Obama is envious of them and wishes he had the same powers that that they did, rather than this nasty constitution. Sure, weve been at a stalemate with Cuba for a long time, that doesnt mean that its okay to give way and capitulate. The current castro rulers are in their 80s now so at least we could have waited to see what happens rather than just start giving away possible leverage. But Obama wants to give away as much leverage as possible and undermine american influence whenever he can because of how bad and evil the US is. Sure, mod this down. Gotta suppress the truth. Whatever.

Comment: Re:In unrelated news: Average IQ up 5 points in US (Score 1) 275

by Eravnrekaree (#48650085) Attached to: Dish Pulls Fox News, Fox Business Network As Talks Break Down

Mod parent too close to the truth. Troll=too close to the truth and we must suppress the truth. Take responsibility for your actions, stop blaming others for your failures and stupidity is my advice. Stop idolizing and giving excuses for the inept and clueless. It seems according to you unless you are for massive taxes and trying to slant the system in every way, to attack white Americans in every way you can, someone is a racist. I am sure you view being white itself as being racist! I am sure you people have an absolutely vitrolic hatred of white people and have orgasmic fantasies about the day when white people will be exterminated, dont you? So you have to accuse anyone who tries to call our your genocidal agenda as being the same thing that you are. The only people around here that are racist and who wants to try to exterminate entire racial groups are YOU and your appalling liberal amoral policies. What a bunch of disgusting and vile genocidal sociopaths.

Comment: Re:MOD PARENT RACIST (Score 2) 275

by Eravnrekaree (#48650049) Attached to: Dish Pulls Fox News, Fox Business Network As Talks Break Down

Mod parent too close to the truth. People need to take responsibility for their actions rather than blame it all on racism. Enough of you libtards and your disgusting and vile BS, trying to label anyone who disagrees with your appalling communist ideology as a racist. Absolutely shameless. The only racist around here is YOU. What the hell is your problem anyway and why do you have such a racist hatred of white people that you feel so inclined to go on the attack whenever anyone should call you out?

Comment: Re:In unrelated news: Average IQ up 5 points in US (Score 0, Troll) 275

by Eravnrekaree (#48646957) Attached to: Dish Pulls Fox News, Fox Business Network As Talks Break Down

This kind of remark is almost reflexive. You could make a criticism of CNN that they are living in a delusional world where blacks are still a suppressed group and where white people are blamed and demonized for any kind of evil or injustice. The liberals are so addicted to conflict and controversy that they cannot let go of long obsolete paradigms of victimization and have to constantly create new fake conflicts and greivances to create false pretenses for false battles. This is despite the fact that for the most part, if anything, whites are the oppressed group in todays society with policies that punish the intelligent and successful ones who built the country. The hatred, violence and attacks on the white race and the white majority today has taken on genocidal, hateful, racist tones. While blacks have been showered with billions of dollars of funded for educational programs, special giveaways and favors and still yet have been unable to in general achieve much of anything at all.

The best thing that could be done for blacks is to jetisson the liberalism, their disgusting white guilt and black victimization tripe, and send a clear message that they have to take personal responsibility and stop blaming others for your own pathetic incompetence. Then they will get the message that to become successful you have to work at it, excel, have vision and so on, and pride in yourself. Pride is an unknown word for liberals, all they know how to do is make some people (whites) feel guilty and make others (blacks) feel sorry for themselves all of the time. It is very tired, old and it has to go.

The democratic party of today is of worship and idolization of mediocrity, the most dim-wited, worthless and parasitic elements of society are the primary clientele of the Liberals, those self righteous, arrogant liberals who on one hand feel they are intellectual superiors, on the other hand enable and even idolize the over-proliferation of the feeble minded mentality. Its almost as if this liberal elite knows it needs a clueless and inept, permenant underclass that it can rely on to buy votes with endless welfare payouts. The Liberals are obsessed with controlling other people, being the self rightoeous jerks that they are who think that they and they alone are gifted with intellectually superior capabilities who know better than you how to run your life, and which is why they idolize the most inept and clueless, they need the inept and clueless to justify themselves, as they need a low skill, uneducated population which cannot govern themselves and therefore need the all wise and all knowing liberal intellectual to manage every aspect of their lives for them. There is nothing more pathetic and absurd than modern Liberalism.

Comment: Not a panacea (Score 2) 421

by Eravnrekaree (#48644905) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is an Open Source<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET Up To the Job?

From what I understand about .NET is they only open sourced the server side parts. Not the stuff desktop apps would use. Obviously this is because Microsoft is most challenged for market share on servers so has less to lose by doing this, it hopes to cut into the share of other platforms. Microsoft is not giving up much and doing little or nothing to advance cross platform application support on the desktop, mostly maintaining the Windows vendor lockin where it has its monopoly, on desktops.

Comment: Stop the special exclusion, kill H1B (Score 2) 208

There is no systematic barrier to women becoming programmers. They are free to do it and have equal opportunity to do so by law. In fact, I know some, and am glad that they did it. If there are not as many women programmers as men programmers, its due to the fact that no as many women want to do it. If more woman would rather do something else than program than men, why force them to, let them do what they are most predisposed to. We should have the same standards and educational program for men and women, that way everyone has equal opportunity and is free to choose their field without some sort of barrier being set up. If you make things EASIER for one group what you do is you disadvantage another group by creating all sorts of benefits they cannot access. This is wrong. It is a sick, disturbed mentality that we should discourage people who WANT to program from doing so, to try to shoehorn people who are not inclined to program into doing that.

Part of what is going on is mentally ill liberals who are unwilling to let go of victimization and guilt complexes that seems to be such a part of the Liberal mental complex that they cannot live without it, even though for the most part their original grievances have long been properly addressed. This is why well after we have created extensive legal gaurantees for equal opportunity, it is never enough for these people, which is why their agenda becomes ever more insane and shrill, they ran out of legitimate causes long ago. The mentality is that they are addicted to conflict just for the sake of it, that they have to pick new fights, since the legitimate issues are gone, they have gone beserk now demanding retribution and discrimination of their own against men, white people, American citizens, etc. They are unwilling to let go of the victimization complex even though for the most part in reality it is long past, with decades of equal opportunity legislation. In the process they have become what they claim to be against, they have become monsters who are out for blood and who have a hatred of and a malicious intent against men, and in some cases what approaches genocidal ambitions, for demonized majority groups. You can see this behaviour everywhere, by creating controversies and crisis where there is none, such as in Ferguson, just to keep the conflict alive when its legitimate beef has long been addressed and laid to rest.

Another fact which relates to this and to H1B Visas, is that numerous studies have shown that there is NO IT labor shortage in the US and that in fact we have large numbers of American college graduates who cannot find jobs becuase these jobs are being stolen by the H1B Visas. The H1B program is about suppressing wages and trying to replace american computer programmers with foreigners, this will actually discourage ALL americans, Men and Women, from going through the trouble of the CS degree when they are constantly being undermined by the corporate cronies. Microsoft would love to pay CS people minimum wage if they could, all they are concerned about is profits and are willing to ruin the lives of American CS degree holders by pulling the rug out from under them. Its not only CS but its also the Medical field as well.

  You have American doctors who did the right thing by taking on the debt to spend $100,000 on a medical degree only to have their wages suppressed to where they are pushed into poverty, making far too little after they pay their loans to make it all worth the trouble, by third world educated labor who spent 1/9th of what an American has to on a medical degree. I know doctors who have watched the profession and the reward for the effort for american graduates destroyed by the third world H1B visa labor, it is killing them, the third world labor is poorly educated and did not have to obtain the same level of training as an American medical student and yet they are given medical licenses and allowed to basically steal jobs right out from under better educated American doctors. Add to this the Obamacare nightmare and it is disaster for American doctors. Kill the H1B program, all of it, remove it from the immigration code completely, then have equal education standards regardless of someone is a Man or a Woman. Women should be welcome into the profession if this is what they are inclined to do. This is fair and respectful to Americans and respects the individuals right to determine their own career path and our right to secure borders and to our countries well paying jobs which belong to American citizens, by stopping our government from allowing foreigners to steal our jobs.

Comment: Re:Alternative? (Score 1) 75

by Eravnrekaree (#48590111) Attached to: Google Earth API Will Be Retired On December 12, 2015

Still, better to have bad code run in a sandbox than to have access to C level capabilities where it can do buffer overruns. Firefox drops the ball on not allowing people to enable some things only when necessary. Its sort of sad that IE's security zones are actually better than anything Firefox has. The idea behind security zones is you can put a site into a security zone, and then the settings of that security zone are applied whenever the site is loaded. You can disable scripts, cookies, plugins and such in a security zone. The important thing is the zones all work in the same browser process, you dont need to use seperate instances of the browser, when you go to a site the security zone settings for the site are automatically applied. There is a default security zone whose settings apply to all sites no added explicitely to another zone. So your default zone can disallow cookies, scripts, flash plugins and so on, and then when you come to a site that you trust and needs these things, you can then put that site into a security zone that enables these features.

I know firefox has NoScript, but this falls short because you want one solution that can do it all, because you really want to stop cookies and plugins too, so its a good idea to be able to use the same zones feature to control all of this.

Comment: Re:Alternative? (Score 1) 75

by Eravnrekaree (#48589047) Attached to: Google Earth API Will Be Retired On December 12, 2015

I actually think Javascript is a prime plugin platform, its an automatic memory management language that rules out memory handling errors such as buffer overruns, thus safely eliminating a class of serious programming errors. The use cases where NPAPI were once used can be fulfilled by Javascript in nearly all cases, and the built in Video and audio capabilities in current browsers, and the proposals for 3D Javascript APIs that can be used safely from Javascript. It is possible that Javascript programs could be accelerated safely with a Just In Time Compiler and caching native object code, which can be done while maintaining the same security features of Javascript interpreter, native machine code would be heavily managed, using the Javascript runtime for memory management and so on, giving it the same safety features as interpreted Javascript. The JIT and caching feature should be able to be disabled by the user forcing the interpreter to be used but if done right JIT should be as safe as the interpreter.

NPAPI needed to go. It encouraged developers to write code in a non portable way and to distribute non machine portable code that could only run on a few platforms. RIP.

Comment: Great Idea..... (Score 0, Flamebait) 45

by Eravnrekaree (#48519139) Attached to: Pantry Pests Harbor Plastic-Chomping Bacteria

Great idea. This will allow the plastic to be chewed up into smaller pieces so it can be more easily digested by marine organisms and so many other things. A plastic water bottle is a bit too large to enter the food chain so I am glad that researchers are finding to ways to make sure all plastics can be broken into small enough pieces that they can be easily ingested by marine creatures who mistake them for sea life. *Hits hand on forehead*. Remember the success already achieved with "biodegradable" plastics which have assured that the mid oceanic garbage patch is heavily populated with small fragments of plastic just the right size for ingestion.

Comment: Re:Unix tool philosopy == Good Thing (Score 0) 647

by Eravnrekaree (#48481389) Attached to: Debian Forked Over Systemd

That is wrong. Systemd complies with POSIX. POSIX mandates a minimum level of functionality, it does not mean you cannot add additional APIs and functionality that goes beyond what POSIX requires. The arguments of this vile systemd crowd wastes everyones time, at least now they can go off into their own little fork and stop bothering everyone else with their insane babbling. The systemd people are make a mountain out of a molehill because systemd doesnt take away any functionality, if you want your programs to start from a shell script or from a system V init type set up, you can configure it that way because systemd supports the sys v init system in full. Systemd is fully backward compatable with the traditional init system. This is why they are full of it.

Comment: Of little impact for illiterate users (Score 1) 178

by Eravnrekaree (#48412237) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Security Patch For Windows

Its interesting that a patch on privelege seperation escalation, while be ranked serious, would have so little effect on most users because most computer illiterate users do not know how to use them, the OS contains what is a major problem in that it does not encourage these users to use the feature.

Most of your common windows users do not use any kind of privilege seperation, they go right in as a superuser account, because, they don't even know what any of this stuff is. Windows ironically seems designed in such a way that it assumes that every user is a very literate on how to properly setup and use an operating system. To get the situation with viruses under control would require having a model whereby the system comes default in a secure, recommended state but also allows expert users to override that if necessary. Most common users will not do this, they can barely understand anything in the control panel anyway. The resulting situation would not be perfect but better than now but also would not prohibit customization by experts.

This initial state would put the user in a non-priveleged account by default and would not offer a login choice for an administrator account. It would also include a prohibition on executing any user downloaded programs in the users directories, only programs which are root writeable only in the main system directory would be executable, this makes it much harder to download and execute viruses. Programs could only be installed via an app store, or via a physical distribution that has been registered, approved and cryptographically signed by OS vendor. Program installers would be given the minimum permissions they need to install themselves and would install into an file system overlay environment, allowing any effects of the installer to be easily tracked and reversed, they would not have direct access to a large number of system files which they have no need to touch, and would be restricted to their own subfolder in the registry.

I find it ironic that Mandatory access control, which is more badly needed on newbie computers to stop these users from downloading EXEs to their home folder and executing them, is unavailable in Home Premium, where the feature is most badly needed.

The restrictions could be disabled from the control panel if needed but the idea is that most users use the default configuration that they are given so this would be a vast improvement over how things work now. The proliferation of viruses would be drastically reduced from all of this.

These ideas are good ones for any operating system which are for illiterate computer users.

Comment: Opposition is from a small elite (Score 0) 550

I dont see an issue with systemd, since it allows for sys V style init to be used. Why not ship a set of script type initialization scripts and let people who do not want systemd simply configure their system either so that systemd will start regular sys v init or bsd type scripts, or let them change /bin/init to point to the alternatifve init system of their choice. Most people complaining about systemd are system administrators who have the skills needed to change the configuration of the init system to whatever they need. So why dont they just change their own systems to use whatever init system they think should be used? The answer to this is not that this elite crowd doesnt have a choice, its that this elite crowd insists on trying to force on EVERYONE ELSE what they think is the right way. That ties into what the mentality of this elite crowd is. For years this elite crowd has fought at every turn any attempt to make Linux easier to use for common, everyday users as a Windows alternative. Why do they do this? its because the reason that they use Linux is to prove to them selves that they are elites because they can use an operating system that is nearly impossible to use and thus they have proven their eliteness. Therefore, Linux must be nearly impossible to use except for a very small elite few and must be made as difficult, convoloted to configure and use as it possibly can be. This explains their behaviour.

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