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Comment: anti-intellectualism (Score 0) 499

by Eravnrekaree (#47415037) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

The normal humans he talk about are "normal" only if you consider low IQ to be normal, which may be the case. Most of the world has an IQ average well below what the average 100-110 IQ among some populations.

What he is saying is absurd as well in that programming does require special skills so its sort of an oxymoron to say that people who do not have special skills should get involved in something that requires it. Its sort of like saying that we should whine about a heart surgery only being done by heart surgeons and how these heart surgeons should be reviled for having special skills and how we need to open up heart surgery so that any joe off the street can do it. Obviously absurd. With the disasterous affects of the say the OpenSSL bug, the UPNP bugs in 80 million routers at one point, these are cases in point of why you must have conscientous, aware, meticulous people who really know the ins and outs of what they are doing to develop software.

We should encourage people to have any interest, anyone who wants the knowledge, to be able to study heart surgery if they want to, and even become one.

The parent article displays sort of an anti-intellectualist as well. if people want to become a software developer, please do, its not an off limits thing that where only people pre-selected at birth can do it. Anyone can, you just need to learn the skill sets to do it. But he seems to suggest people who don't have a clue should meddle in something they dont understand and that we should almost promote such ignorance, that we have to dumb things down for people who are too clueless to understand things.

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by Eravnrekaree (#47396807) Attached to: No Shortage In Tech Workers, Advocacy Groups Say

Thats really not realistic as a public policy position, however. It would be much easier politically to kill the H1B program than it would be to do wage controls. Thats why killing the H1B program is what must happen. We dont need it, all it is doing is putting hard working American IT workers out on the street. I think what we need to do is create PACs and such to advocate for abolishment of the H1B program and to do battle with Mark Fuckerberg and other anti-american worker jackasses.

Comment: Re:KDE, Canonical, Mozilla, and GNOME (Score 2) 71

by Eravnrekaree (#47362321) Attached to: Improv Project, Vivaldi Tablet Officially Dead

Nonsense. No one forces you to use the multimedia applications if you dont want to. I do want to be able to watch a video on KDE, and actually have something where you can do things with multimedia. I don't see how this in any way affects your ability to do whatever you do. The comment made was about the desktop metaphor being abandoned by Unity etc. Multimedia applications work well with a desktop based UI are not opposed to it. KDE does still provide a desktop metaphor. If you don't like the high level of functionality in KDE, you can feel free to use FVWM.

Comment: Re:No, they're replacing. (Score 1) 341

by Eravnrekaree (#47339983) Attached to: If Immigration Reform Is Dead, So Is Raising the H-1B Cap

I looked at this, its nonsense, in regard to high tech jobs especially. The immigration levels are not historically tied to economic performance, in fact, the last period of major economic growth that benefited common Americans was the 50s and 60s and there were very low levels of immigration during that period. The low levels of immigration assured that the jobs in the growing economy went to Americans and this lead to a growing middle class because immigrants were not constantly distorting the US labor market. Democrats are liars who actually hate the US and the middle class, they are doing everything they can to destroy the middle class with immigration which drives down wages, and then they complain about low wages they create themselves. Another fact is that in history, during periods of high unemployment the immigration level was restricted, as well, as a RESPONSE to unemployment. This is one reason why immigration levels went down in the 1930s, But immigration levels kept on going down in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, a time when the economy was booming. Restriction of immigration does NOT cause economic downturns, restriction of immigration has been done in response to economic downturns. But the fact is, immigration is harmful, not beneficial

The real way you create demand in the economy is through monetary policy tools, immigration runs contrary to economic recovery and hinders it, you actually want to stop all immigration. This assures the jobs from the increase in money supply will go only to citizens who are are trying to help, not to immigrants.

  There is no shortage of IT workers, in fact there are twice as many IT workers in the US as there are jobs for them. Obviously an h1b visa is simply taking jobs away from Americans. Many of us have known young college graduates who cannot find work while at the same time they see companies filled with foreign Indian labor and companies offshoring to India. If I hear "lets expand the h1b program" again I will scream. Its a scam that I think is rooted in hatred of Americans and a sadistic desire by Liberals like Zuckerberg to steal the country from Americans and screw over American workers.

One of the issues with IT jobs and many other jobs is that they really can be finite and do not necessarily respond to demand in the economy, which is contrast to manufacturing jobs where there is a more direct connection. This is because tech jobs often deal with design of product which only needs to be done once regardless the number of units sold.

Immigration does not create job growth either because, since while it drives down wages, the decreased wages are kept by elite and are removed from the general economy, this leads consumers with less money to spend. There would be much more demand in the US economy for goods from American citizen college graduates filling their homes if we were to stop stealing their jobs and giving them to Indians, now these American citizens are living in their parents basement. You want to create demand, stop giving away Americans jobs and get these young Americans out of the basement and into the jobs by getting rid of the Indian theives. Because of evil bastards like Mark Fuckerberg and other supporters of H1B visas, people cannot find work. The H1B visas for a whole host of reasons are job killers and that destroying not only americans lives but also the economy.

In related news, reports have showed the US birth rates are dangerously low, especially among whites, the birth rates are far below replacement, this means that white people are basically going extinct. Its obvious why this is, people such as Zuckerberg and other liberals and the US Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street Journal, et al, are giving away Americans jobs to Indians. The result is it is almost impossible for a college graduate in this country to find a job because the Indians have stolen all of the jobs. Every Indian that takes an American job causes an American to not be able to find one.

What we need to do is we need to incentivize White americans to have more children and this can be done through killing the H1B program, banning abortion, placing a moratorium on contraceptives, deporting all of the Indians and getting American citizens into these jobs, and creating a college grant program that for persons who have 2 children by the age of 25, if they fianance college for those first two their next 3 children will have free college. We also want major tax cuts for middle class families, for every child they have should reduce the tax rate significantly. to take advantage of these benefits fully they must have 2 children by age 24, and 4 by age 27, and 5 by 31, but the tax cuts continue for lifetime. Also replace social security with a filial responsibilty system whereby instead of paying 5% of income to social security, we pay 5-10% of income up to 0-40,000 directly into our own parents social security private retirement accounts. This incentivizes people to have more children in order to increase the size of their retirement accounts, only income up to 40k is used for this purpose, the median income, to encourage that this responds only to the number of children they have, rather than the level of education, because it is quantity that this is designed to incentivize.

I suggest with immigration we seal the borders. The fact is we can put people who are on welfare into the jobs. Only about 10% of Mexicans work in Agriculture. The rest are in "softer' service industry jobs. One community devastated by the illegal immigration is the black community as Mexicans are stealing jobs Blacks rely on. IF we were to deport the mexicans and do welfare to work for Black Americans, watch the unemployment rate for blacks tumble.

Deport all illegals. Seal the border. Kill the h1b program. Replace the mexican workers with welfare to work programs.

Comment: Far too dangerous (Score 2) 199

by Eravnrekaree (#47309979) Attached to: FAA Bans Delivering Packages With Drones

This was actually a very smart regulation. The fact is, the newspapers likely would have ended up filled with stories of people who had gotten a buzz cut or even seriously injured after being hit by a drone. The idea of sending a drone into neighbourhoods and relying on a computer algorithm and finicky electronics, hoping that nothing goes wrong and that it can avoid hitting something, perhaps even killing someone, is bonkers. There are too many things that can go wrong. A bug in code, a bad sensor reading, or simply something not being where it is expected to be, could send the thing headfirst into some kid riding his bicycle.

Comment: Be careful what you wish for (Score 1) 254

by Eravnrekaree (#47300955) Attached to: The Bursting Social Media Advertising Bubble

Many here would basically diss ads, but they might sing another tune when all of this stuff you get for free now, like email, news content, etc, ends up costing even more money out of your pocket in addition to what you spend on the internet connection itself. Be careful what you wish for. This is the sheer stupidity of the "ad busting" thing, how the hell do you think that the companies that provide these free sites to you pay their bills? Do you realise that without the ads these sites would not exist or would go behind a paywall?

Comment: Re:What whas the problem in the first place? (Score 3, Interesting) 250

by Eravnrekaree (#47272599) Attached to: TrueCrypt Author Claims That Forking Is Impossible

The situation is probably what it was stated to be, that the developers do not understand the code and its more trouble to try to unravel a poorly written software project than to do it over again. THis is a common problem with open source. Software code is NOT self documenting, but open source people think it is. To really understand a big project in reasonable amount of time you really, really need good documentation and an overview of the system

Comment: manucturer dealers could be worse (Score 5, Insightful) 455

by Eravnrekaree (#47268893) Attached to: NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

Most things are not sold directly by the manufacturer but by retailers. The variety of things that can be bought is too large to have a seperate store for each manufacturer out there, its nice to have product catagories in one place. With smaller objects of lower value, it seems this is strongly preferred. Cars are a very large, expensive item so there is more of a tendancy to have stores that specialize in just them. This sort of reduces the natural retailer/manufacturer seperation.

The fact is dealers do provide added value, however. The value comes from of course, the lot, of being able to actually see a car before you buy it. The cost of running this will be there whether the manufacturer runs the lot, or whether an independent dealer does. The market does operate to regulate prices for dealers, since its a part of the car price, it can be argued that having independent dealers may give people more choice regarding who has a more efficient lot operation.

Many aspects of the dealership people find unpleasant will still be there with a manufacturer run dealership. One of them is the credit checks for the loans. Bargaining is not necessarily exclusive to independent dealers but could also occur at a manufacturer dealer. A lot of the qualities of the independent dealer will still be there with a manufacturer dealer, therefore. Since you have no choice of dealers to work with, it could even be worse.

Maybe people should have the option of a direct buy from a manufacturer, but, a manufacturer locking out independant dealers from providing an alternative is also not a great idea. The vertical integration could be anti-competive and lead to overly monopolistic qualities.

Comment: Its only career preferences that determine this (Score 1) 435

by Eravnrekaree (#47261875) Attached to: Yahoo's Diversity Record Is Almost As Bad As Google's

I don't think that it has anything to do with sexism or anything else. There really is little or no employment discrimination going on. It is all based on who is skilled and qualified. I think it is due to the fact that certain demographic sections are just not as interested in IT work and they decide to go into another field. The only reason that we are seeing this pattern is because certain groups are more likely to decide one career path over another. And that is their right. So, why are we trying to force people into jobs they really don't want to do and don't like, and why do we keep trying to punish and slant things against the people who actually do like to do those jobs? A lot of women go into nursing, more than men. A lot of men go into IT. This is because of their own CHOICE and shouldnt it be? But you have people talking about how we need to force women into IT jobs when they are happier in a nursing job.

As well, "diversity" is a deceptive, and overused term. I strongly believe that the citizens of a country should have equal opportunity to pursue jobs they want to do. If a male wants to become a nurse, please do. If a female wants to do IT, please do. But dont do it because of all of this political correctness/diversity crap. But you have these "Diversity" people out there that dont believe in that, they want to force people into jobs they really do not like. Diversity for the sake of diversity is an absurd and ludicrous idea and I reject it.

Comment: Re:I can't buy one (Score 1) 377

by Eravnrekaree (#47254611) Attached to: Are US Hybrid Sales Peaking Already?

as I recall, despite the advantages of all electric cars, what about the acceleration, climbing issues, and mileage? Will it have trouble climbing a hill or a mountain. Only being able to get 200 miles per charge makes it useless for long trips if you have to wait 8 hours for a charge. I heard of the idea that the battery pack in the EV could be easily swappable so one could stop at a service station, swap at the pack with a freshly charged one, but Ive not heard anything more about that.

Comment: Re:GMOs are toxic and will be shown to cause cance (Score 0) 396

by Eravnrekaree (#47250803) Attached to: "Super Bananas" May Save Millions of Lives In Africa

you dont know anything about GMOs. I do actually know an awful lot about it, changing one gene can turn a plant into a carcinogen. And no this is not nearly as likely to happen with selective breeding which has more natural constraints. You dont know what you are talking about and the science behind GMOs. Or maybe you have read a textbook but you ignorantly ignore the dangers.

Comment: GMOs are toxic and will be shown to cause cancer (Score 1, Insightful) 396

by Eravnrekaree (#47247211) Attached to: "Super Bananas" May Save Millions of Lives In Africa

The real story here is 1) this will not reduce malnutrition problems in the third world 2) its an effort to get third world populations hooked on GMOs controlled by large corporations, which will actually increase suffering as it will lead to more expensive food with all of the licensing fees. It wont solve malnutrition because if it were the need for another plant we could simply plant papayas to provide the vitamin A. The solution may as well be these people going back to their more traditional diet, we forget that in the past these people were not malnourished and it is the introduction of the corporate controlled food supply that has already occured that created these problems by altering the traditional diet. What is very likely is that corporate controlled food sources such as vegetable oil replaced locally produced palm oil which may have had the vitamin A.

On to the issue of the safety of the GMOs. Don't you people realize that "opposition to GMOs is anti-science " is pure marketing hogwash being given to you by powerful multinational corporations? The fact is the concerns of the anti-GMO people are based in valid scientific concerns over the safety of GMOs and its long term impact on the biosphere. Is it really that hard for you people to believe that multinationals care only about their own profits and really dont care about the health of people?

The fact is that GMOs pose a very serious danger to the health of the biosphere. Several books have been written on the subject which detail the dangers which are well documented, such as Jeffrey Smiths. The fact is rat studies have shown that GMOs cause kidney and liver damage to name a few. Its only a matter fo time before GMOs are shown to cause cancer. do you people really think that the same corporations that have given us an epidemic of obesity due to heavily manipulated wheat products and overall the trash in the food supply will tell you that GMOs are even worse?

Comment: Traitorous plot to steal American's jobs (Score 1) 422

by Eravnrekaree (#47232189) Attached to: GOP Voters To Be Targeted By Data Scientists

This is disgusting and appalling. There is no shortage of workers. Studies have shown that there are in fact twice as many tech workers in the USA as there are jobs. These companies are basically funding all of this to increase their own profits while driving down the wages for workers by flooding the labor market with third world labor. This is devastating for American workers, if you are an American worker this means YOU will be laid off and lose your job to Indians who will gladly steal it from you. Do all you can to oppose Mark Suckerberg, Facebook and all the other large companies behind this obscene agenda to basically replace American citizens with foreign labor. All this is, is an effort by these large companies to dupe unsuspecting people into supporting policies which will harm workers, policies that actually run against our own best interests.

Remember that each one of these H1B visas means one fewer American without a job and it means lower wages for American workers. We must stop this immigration invasion and stop these corporations from manipulating the political system in this way.

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