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Comment Why would ET use gravity or neutrinos (Score 1) 275

I was of the understanding that current radiotelescopes could not pick up a regular broadcast signal of the type that is sent by commercial transmitters but that the signal would have to be much more powerful and concentrated, intentionally sent for the purpose of detection from another planet. I suppose that I was wrong?

Secondly, what benefits would a gravity or nuetrino have over EMF for communications? If it was so great why wouldnt be we be using it? How would you create a gravity or neutrino communications device? An expensive, complex communication technique just because it would be hard to use doesnt make it more practical and ETs are likely to be practical.

Comment Re:The elephant in the room (Score 1) 176

Another way it can be changed is actually enforce sodomy/cohabitation laws (ban out of wedlock sex) and make divorces almost impossible to get. All of these laws were once in place but were dismantled by Liberals. So stop telling us nothing can be done about the problem, the only reason nothing would be done about the problem is you Liberals would stand in the way of doing these things, you are the ones that pushed for all of this madness of divorce on demand, the breakdown of marriage, the legitimization of having chidlren outside of wedlock, etc, and these policies lead to the dismal situation in the Black community. You Liberals want to make sure that people can have free sex, one night stands, produce illegimate welfare children, pass around the STDs and live a totally reckless, gluttonous and self centered lifestyle becuase it produce more of the low caliber, deranged, psychotic, and America hating voting block that your DemocRATic party depends upon.

Comment Re:The elephant in the room (Score 1) 176

It could be changed, by reforming the welfare programs to stop making having welfare babies out of wedlock pay. There are a lot of possibilities for doing this, such as not giving out welfare benefits on a per child basis, not giving out services to the parent but directly to minors (a soup kitchen type setup). Also get rid of the Earned Income Tax Credit. The problem with the way that many of these programs work is they give more money to the parent or every illegitimate child, the parents can then use this money how they want, on themselves.

Comment Firefox still woefully insecure (Score 2) 113

Firefox is still far more insecure than Chrome due to lack of a sandbox feature and multiprocess. Instead of spending so much time on pocket they needed to get the sandbox done. They should have had the sandbox in 3 years and are only dragging their feet on it being forced to keep up with Chrome on this matter.Still a very insecure browser. Total negligence. Whats ironic is they would mainly need to plugin into infrastructure that was already implemented for Chrome on Linux, as it was Chrome that pushed implementation of a process sandbox on Linux.

Comment Re:VistA is a nightmare (Score 1) 186

It would have been best to hire some in house programmers , certainly could have been done with some portion of the few billion, and have them write a new system, which could then be made public like VISTA. This way the government owns it, instead, there will be an opaque system and the government will be held captive to extortion from providers.

Comment People must take personal responsibility (Score 3, Insightful) 398

This diversity junk is a disease. Its a mental disorder. People must take personal responsibility if they want something and they refuse to do so they have no one to blame but themselves. To say we should punish people who did work to reward people who refuse to take initiative and make the equal effort is insane and it punishes those who honestly worked for what they have. There is nothing, nothing at all that prevents people of any race, or gender, from going into IT job fields. As long as they are citizens of the country, I am all for anyone who wants to doing this. The fact is, they should have the same access to educational opportunities as everyone else. If you give anyone preferential treatment, you are creating a system of discrimination that provides a benefit to one group and not another. In fact, that seems to be what they are doing. The Bottom line, is if this group or that group is not taking advantage of the educational opportunities that is available to everyone equally, then thats their own fault and their own problem. If we are going to give these people MORE opportunities than other groups what you are doing is creating a new form of discrimination. Basically, the rule should be everyone should have access to the same educational, prepatory, and employment opportunities, regardless of their race. If people of a certain race refuse to make use of these opportunities, thats their own problem, they have to take responsibility for themselves and their actions and no one else is to blame if they refuse to do so. If we start shovelling more money at people who through their own choice refuse to take advantage of the same opportunities available to everyone else, you are punishing everyone else who WORKED and made the effort to achieve, you are punishing people for no fault of their own, people who honestly worked to achieve what they have, not having a benefit that was not available to anyone else, essentially what we are doing is rewarding mediocrity and sloth. This diversity for the sake of diversity and punish people who actually work for their achievement to reward those who refuse to take initiative has got to stop

Comment MUMPS is a capable platform (Score 1) 166

I've heard about MUMPS from it being used in Vista, the records system of the Veterans Affairs Administration, a large public domain corpus of software which was released from a FOIA request to the VA.

MUMPS is not a bad language. As with many languages, the source code readability depends on the programmers mostly, there isnt anything about MUMPS that makes it particularly hard to read. Intersystems Cache is one of the commercial implementations though it tends to downplay its MUMPS foundation, because of the false stigma around the language.

Comment Re:Sick of this shit (Score 1) 69

You are right. Data could also be leaked, which would be awful. Guard pages are another feature often used, when a buffer overflow occurs it would often hit the guard page which being unallocated space will segfault, but its not perfect. Its a lot easier to protect code than it is to protect data.

Comment Re:Sick of this shit (Score 1) 69

PAE and x86-64 and probably other CPUs now have page table flags for protecting against buffer overrun by non-executable, readonly memory sections and such. An overrun will cause a segfault rather than an actual overrun. This significantly improve things. So what is the status of this in major Linux distros?

Comment Re: Systemd (Score 1) 110

The fact is, systemd doesnt force anything on you. You are free to start your jobs from SysV scripts just as before. Systemd also follows a highly modular architecture and design that fits in with the Unix philosophy. So its not a big monolithic thing. So, I don't see what the problem is. Systemd is fine by me and I see no issue as it only adds additional capability rather than takes them away. Since it does not take away any features, basically what you are arguing for is that people should not be allowed to have Systemd's features or be able to use them. Ironically its people like you who make the accusation that you are being put upon, when in fact Systemd has taken nothing away from you, it does not prevent you from starting your jobs just as you do now as it fully supports the older mechanisms and is backward compatible. The bottom line is if you dont like the new mechanisms, systemd lets you use the old ones.

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