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Comment: Re: are the debian support forums down? (Score 1) 284

by Eravnrekaree (#48177509) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Stop PulseAudio From Changing Sound Settings?

From what I understand of systemd is that you can still set it to spawn your own init system, whether they be shell scripts or a more tradtional init program and then configure that to run your programs. All you need to do is disable the services from starting from systemd and then configure systemd to start your own init script to start your stuff. Problem solved.

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It is not a troll. The term "troll" is an abused and meaningless term and without really any identifiable meaning anymore except one that is entirely subjective. You assume that if someone posts something that you disagree with that automatically it means that they are just trying to make a strike at you, when in fact its most likely that its an honestly held position. Maybe the initial meaning of the term troll was a message posted with opinions that are not honestly held by the poster, the problem is you HAVE NO IDEA and cannot tell intuitively if a poster honestly believes in what they post or not, which means that it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to tell if a message is a troll or not. That is why the troll identifier is meaningless and without any value whatsoever and is just a tool to be abused by those who want to silence opinions and views other than their own. Its a censorship tool in other words used by the weak, shallow minded and intellectually bankrupt who would rather censor others rather than put up a thoughtful and civil rebuttal. Thats why the troll label should be abolished.

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What you want is a system that can be configured how you want it, not OSs that are hardwired to work one way or another that cannot be changed. There is no reason why Unix should be good at one thing and Windows good at another if the user can configure it to work the way they want and run just the services they need, but where the service they need is available if they need it. we need to get away from this "can't have vs. can have and must run" mentality. How about "can have and run only if you want".

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Okay, I am mathematically incompetent. That does not make me a troll. If you think that I am mathematically incompetent, then please explain what is wrong with what I am saying. But to try to label me a troll, doesnt do anyone any good. It does not help your readers understand why i am wrong, which might be instructive for some readers here. Being wrong does not make one a troll, i was not wrong intentionally.

Remember that an energy technology needs to be sustainable over millions of years. When they first started to use oil, they didnt think that far ahead, just assuming that the oil supply would be vast and it wouldnt be a problem for a long time. The problem with oil is just right around the corner. In finding a solution to energy problems, we do not want to replace one problem with another.

On this whole "troll" thing, this "troll" label is being abused, to just suppress anyone who disagree with you, and that is wrong. When someone expresses a view that they honestly believe, its not a troll, even if they are wrong. I have an honest concern over fusion here, you may think its wrong which is fine, please explain why its wrong, but it is not a troll.

When someone expresses a view that you think is wrong, reply to it and explain why you think its wrong. Your readers will benefit from your illuminating insight in the matter, but don't suppress people because you disagree with them or you think that what they are saying is stupid or ignorant. When someone says something you think is ignorant or wrong, don't assume that they are trying to irritate you, in most cases they have an honest concern, if you disagree, then use the reply feature.

I am not trying to irritate anyone, just express something that was an honest concern. If i am wrong, fine, reply and explain why i am wrong.

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People, its not a troll. Read the argument carefully. Its a real concern. If you disagree with the argument on technical grounds, feel free to reply. Otherwise, don't try to ridicule people for simply expressing their opinions. Reply with a rebuttal on technical argumentation, but don attack people for making the argument, but just marking up messages as Troll is childish because you disagree. What is your problem anyway. Are you that intellectually vacant that you do not reply and instead try to silence people you disagree with?

If you are going to seperate protium from H2O, what will happen over time. The ocean may seem vast, but when you have a widely deployed technology that draws it down, what are the cumulative effects over time.

Comment: Fusion in some forms can be very dangerous. (Score -1, Troll) 565

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At one point I thought that a reaction involving protium would be a good idea. In reality this would be a very bad idea. So much so that this, and as well, any kind of hydrogen burning energy technology, should be banned. The reason is that this would require free hydrogen. This is the paradox, hydrogen is the most common element in space, but there is almost no free hydrogen on earth. There is very little free hydrogen on earth, for a reason, the earths gravity is not strong enough to hold hydrogen down so it floats off into space. Much of the hydrogen on earth is held down and kept from floating away by being bound to oxygen in H2O. So, if you try to free hydrogen from water, what will happen is you will start destroying earths supply of water, despite the best containment system, if hydrogen is seperated form water, some hydrogen will be leaked out and will float off into space. This is not sustainable and causes permenant ecosystem damage. No water, no life.

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This GMO stuff just keeps getting more creepy, freaky and frankensteinish. We need to ban this stuff before it causes a global ecological disaster and wrecks the planets environment or turns the place into a monstrous wasteland of deformed beasts and poisonous, cancer causing food. The dangers of GMOs have been well documented by others, including the cancer causing potential, such as in Jeff Smith's book.

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The fact is a travel ban would not affect the ability for aid to reach the countries where you have an epidemic, quite the opposite. The travel ban that would be implemented would be designed to stop people from leaving the hotzone countries who are not involved with any sort of medical or aid activities relating to control of the epidemic. It would not affect medical experts or aid officials from reaching the hotzone countries. The law would be designed to stop exactly the kind of people as Duncan who was coming to the US for personal reasons. All other travel except those experts and workers involved with control of the epidemic would be banned. By putting in such a ban, we are making the effort to contain the virus and the job of the CDC and WHO much easier by increasing the chance that the virus will not spread beyond the areas where it is currently found, thus allowing resources to be more focused on those particular regions, so that the CDC and WHO is not dealing with an ever increasing list of territory that is affected and so that it does not turn into a whack a mole game.

Restricting travel to just the experts and authorities would bring the level of travel to a relative trickle. This would make it much easier to carefully vet and examine the relatively few experts who might leave the hotzone countries, if necessary, through a isolation period and an intensive medical examination which is much more involved than what is done at an airport gate. So it makes the relative trickle of travel much easier to control and regulate and to assure that anyone crossing is not infected.

The problem with trying to detect the disease at a higher levels of travel where travel is not being limited to just experts and authorities, is the volume is higher and its not as easy to do the more intensive examination. Many everyday would-be travellers will lie on any questionaire, if they are experiencing any symptoms. The temperature symptoms can be covered up and suppressed with tylenol as well. There is a clear incentive for Ebola infected individuals to come to the USA, now that a Liberian has already done so and recieved free medical treatment, and many will lie, fake and cover up to do it.

The CDC knows all of this. That is why the CDC is lying through their teeth. The CDC is knowingly exposing Americans to increased danger from Ebola and when it is not necessary to do so. This is criminal negligence. The american people are being lied to.

Another fact is we have numerous experts who admit that we cannot take it for granted the virus is not easy to pass. There is a concern the virus may be airborne, and the more widely the virus would become geographically dispersed, the possibility of an airborne mutation increases. The fact that the USA has an advanced medical system is not an excuse or a reason to allow people to come to the country from areas which have an active outbreak, in fact such statements are the height of arrogance, especially since even our own resources would be taxed to deal with these situations, and as well the long incubation period and the tendancy for some people not to seek medical treatment and instead transmit the virus. The fact is despite all of the medical facility in the US the virus could be transmitted in the public nonetheless. We are dealing with human nature here.

To say that somehow that its okay to not be worried or to take lightly a very dangerous virus such as this because the US has running water and soap is such an arrogant and simplistic way of thinking, and it almost seems like they are exploiting the ignorance of the public to suggest such a thing. People obviously do not wash their hands every 20 seconds, even in the US, and all it would take is for someone to say come into contact with a bodily fluid say on a subway seat and then transfer that to their mouths via their hand within a period of just a few seconds. This may not be an unlikely scenario, especially with a virus that causes profuse secretions, but even if just one person were to die from such a transmission, or even if the chance is low, its a chance with a dangerous virus that we should not be, and do not need to be taking, especially unnecessarily by not putting in a travel restriction from hotzone countries when there is really no good technical reason we cannot do a travel ban, its only political correctness that has caused the American public to be unnecessarily exposed to increased risk.

What I find particularly disturbing is the mentality here of liberals who have very clearly expressed that they are willing to subject Americans to an increased danger in the name of their political correctness agenda, that in fact their political correctness agenda is worth a certain loss of life and perhaps even more important than the lives of American citizens.

The CDC in suggesting a travel ban will not help is lying, and is suggesting that the basic premise of quarantine is invalid. They are ignoring and throwing out hundreds of years of knowledge of germ theory and virus containment here. If stopping people from travelling internationally will not reduce the chance of the virus spreading, than why would quarantining ebola victims in isolation wards or their homes help?

The fact is numerous other countries have done a travel ban, including other African countries, to protect their own populations from the spread of the virus. Germ theory is well understood and the first rule of stoping a virus spread is to stop travel and movement from hotzone areas, including from infected countries. Assurances that the US has hospitals, running water, or soap, or that allegedly the virus is "not easy to pass", are not a good reason to allow people to freely come to the US from infected regions. Again, there are people who will not go to the hospital immediately when symptoms appear, soap and water really wont stop a spread, and we are dealing with a living, mutating thing here that can change in its transmissability.

A travel ban only makes since now and is in the best interest of the American people. We need to bin the political correctness, before it kills us, or just if it increases the danger even slightly.

Comment: Best for global worker==Worst for American worker (Score 1) 123

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What this article is basically saying is that the US is most encouraging of helping foreingers steal the jobs of the huge number of highly qualified US programmers and IT workers who are having difficulty finding work due to it being stolen by third world labor. The third world labor is all about corporate profits and some greedy elites obsession and wall streets out of control greed and lust for profits, to hire cheap, but usually inferior, third world labor. Let third world IT people help build their own countries economies and stop letting them come to the US. In globalisation the losers are the common people of any country, in the USA american computer programmers are being thrown out on the street and their jobs are stolen from them, whilst in third world countries they are losing their best talent due to the brain drain, with all of their best workers leaving, the third world countries remain poor. If we care about third world countries we should kill the H1B program and stop all immigration. If we care about American workers, we should kill the H1B program and stop immigration. The globalist elite are ruining the USA and destroying the lives of American citizens while they keep the third world in the dark ages.

The only responsibility of the US government is to secure US sovereignty for its own people. There is no right to immigrate to another country and therefore a country has a right to control immigration however and according to whatever rules it wants. Since there is no right to immigrate, a country could pass laws against immigration on any criteria it chooses. A country only has a responsibility to protecting the territorial exclusivity of its own native citizens, to whom the country belongs. A country is not the government, it is the citizens of the country, and the government's duty is to protect the citizens from foreign incursions and to assure that the countries resources, jobs etc are exclusively for the benefit of native born citizens. The USA is a mature country. The days of the old west are gone, the west has been cultivated and the westward expansion long ago has been filled out. There are already enough people in the USA at this point and we should seal the borders now. At this point, the USAs policies should seal off the borders from all immigration and focus on protecting the resources for population that is already here and for the future internal growth of the existing population.

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