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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 219

So you're saying it's OK to scam people or lie to them because you can't get a better job, 'cause that's what it sounds like you're saying.

That's pretty close to saying that going on a crime spree is justifiable for the same reason.

Comment Re:Another benefit of low crude pricing (Score 1, Interesting) 89

The level of arrogance and ignorance in both your post and the grandparent would be astounding if it wasn't for the fact that it appears to be all-too-common. That "landlocked Asian minor country" has the largest coastline of any nation in the world. They are in the midst of rapid deployment of technologies to exploit the resources and opportunities of the arctic region including many new icebreakers in an effort to open a northern sea route (which may become very viable if the global warming predictions come true). Further, their current military campaign in Syria has proven remarkably effective, especially in contrast to the anemic actions of the United States and our western allies before they entered the conflict. They have demonstrated the capabilities of submarines being able to fire missiles while submerged to the effective use of some of their most modern fighters (as opposed to our failed F-35) and effective long range cruise missiles. They are growing increasingly capable while we appear to be stagnating.

It should also be noted that Russia has been signing major deals with some of the world's largest nations at the same time that we seem to be alienating our friends here in the United States. Far from being a needy border-line-third-world-nation, Russia seems to be showing us up time and again. Twice now the United States in the past few years, the United States has been forced to back down when Russia asserted their will in Syria, and despite economic pressure on Russia over Ukraine, they have not backed down at all. A lot of talk has been made over how Russia has a shrinking cash reserve and yet everyone seems to forget that _they_actually_have_a_reserve. Further, their foreign debt is currently decreasing at the same time our national debt has just reached $19 trillion. When one considers that our proposed defense budget is as large at the combined total of the next 8 countries and yet we have a fighter that cannot fight and a high-tech destroyer that cannot float, I don't think we have much room at all to speak of Russian corruption (though it almost certainly exists).

Given current trajectories, it seems to me that our country is more likely to face a future of irrelevancy than the Russians right now. Our press is very selective about what they cover, but reality has a nasty way of asserting itself and often in very painful ways.

Comment Re:Some of this has already been said, but my top (Score 1) 1818

I disagree that it is pointless, it would stop the a lot of the trolling ACs but not the hard core Trolls.
Personally I would like to see no ACs and no profanity on Slashdot. The problem is that many users don't agree with me. They for some reason think that not allowing ACs to post would prevent some profound comment from being made. Same thing with limiting profanity. I have never seen a single post where profanity increased the informational value of the post. However a large number of users think that would be a terrible idea.

Probably best to keep the ACs and profanity vs the potential loss of community members based on principal.

Comment Re:Abandon ship (Score 1) 118

So what's everybody's favorite alternative, since SwiftKey is owned by a company that is nowadays renowned for its spyware and keylogging?

I've been a fan of Swype since the WinMo 6.5 days; stuck with it ever since. It's owned by Nuance now, the folks behind Dragon NaturallySpeaking and who provide some of the underlying tech behind Siri.

If you're a fan of SwiftKey, and want to keep it, and you have a rooted phone, you can use DroidWall or Xprivacy to deny it network access. It obviously won't pull language updates (and you won't be able to dictate with it), but your data stays on your phone - it's what I do for Swype.

Comment I'll give you the benefit of the doubt... (Score 1) 1818

whipslash, you seem earnest about improving /. and interested in listening to what people have to say. I appreciate that, and will overlook your mid-7-digit UID. ;-)

Seriously though, I sincerely hope that your tone reflects the desires of the new owners, because /. has been a great resource over the years and something I still check out most days. I understand the need to make money with the site, but it seems you (and by extension the new owners) are interested in preserving/restoring what makes /. great.

Good luck.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1818

I don't like the idea in theory, but in practice I have to agree with you - if people disagree, they should post. Yes, that might mean they can't moderate in that thread, but so what - if they want to say something, they should say something. Participating in the discussion in much more important than moderating it.

But people don't do that - they moderate something as flamebait simply because they disagree with it.

Perhaps a better answer is for people to be able to moderate moderations - click on the score, see how it was moderated to the value it has, and be able to check negative moderations as "unfair."

In any event, "disagree" mods should not be allowed to drop a post below 1 for a user, 0 for an AC.

Comment Re: legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 555

I actually like that idea; I know there are roads I've driven on with artificial curves added (and this is in the U.S.) to keep people from going too fast; I've also seen more residential areas getting traffic circles instead of regular intersections, which can have a similar effect (depending on how the stop signs were before). I have no problem with this. In my area it's very common to have speed bumps or speed humps to slow down traffic, and it always pissed me off how my car's suspension had to suffer because some idiots couldn't restrain themselves.

Example in Sarasota.

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