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Comment: Prince XML (Score 2) 132

by Eponymous Coward (#47624827) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best PDF Handling Library?

The best PDF software I've ever used is Prince XML.

For years, we got by with HTMLDoc but finally dumped it because we absolutely needed unicode support.

After trying many different packages, we settled on Prince. Our main constraints were performance related which you apparently aren't worried about, so maybe it's overkill for what you need.

Comment: Re:Just get a Smart TV (Score 1) 180

I also have a 55" Samsung TV (it's a great screen) and the smart tv features are painfully slow compared to the Roku.

Even if I didn't buy the Roku at the same time as my TV, I suspect I would buy one eventually. Even if you are happy with the smart features today, you always have the option of upgrading the smart features via an external box.

Comment: Re:Just get a Smart TV (Score 2) 180

I haven't seen a smart tv where the smart features are any good.

I have a Roku 3 and it works great. Technology moves quickly though and when the Roku 4 comes out, I'd rather upgrade my $100 Roku box than my $1000 television.

I will likely buy a Fire TV. We have a two television sets and because of the way one is mounted on the wall, it's a pain to connect and disconnect the Roku. So for me, it makes sense to have a second streaming device and for $100, this one seems like a pretty good deal.

That said, I wish they would incorporate some DVR capabilities. On the Roku, I can get streaming versions of all my local TV stations. It would be nice if it could tell it to record shows from the streams.

Comment: Re:Piracy! (Score 1) 323

by Eponymous Coward (#44530641) Attached to: Have eBooks Peaked?

I don't have a problem with ebooks being more expensive. For me, they are much more useful and thus more valuable. I'm willing to pay more for an electronic copy and so are a lot of people. In the end, that's what determines the price. The cost of the raw materials only establishes a floor beyond which the publishers will lose money. It has very little to do with the fair price.

Every time I go into a Barnes and Noble store, it kills me that I can't buy ebooks for my Kindle there. The ideal bookstore for me would be one that I can browse the inventory, read part of the book, then take the book or a card to a register where they will send an ebook to my device or put it on a memory stick. Right now, I go into the store, find stuff I'm interested in, then buy it from Amazon. There's basically no way for me to support my local book stores because they don't sell anything I want.

Comment: Re:So now (Score 4, Insightful) 656

by Eponymous Coward (#42574405) Attached to: US Attorney Chided Swartz On Day of Suicide

How many immediate family members do not recognize a suicidal condition in someone? But we expect a lawyer to see it?

First, lots of people knew about Swartz' depression, especially his family. Secondly, the US attorney's office is being criticized for not seeking justice, but for seeking unusually harsh punishment. Swartz was afraid of being sentenced to 30 years in prison. You don't think 30 years is excessive?

Comment: Re:Still going (Score 3, Insightful) 488

by Eponymous Coward (#41988241) Attached to: The Empire In Decline?

So, Metro apps are designed to be used by both Desktops with keyboards and mice, and touch devices (some of which are also desktops).

Metro works nicely on handheld touchscreen devices. On the desktop? Meh. I have a couple of 2560x1440 panels. Windows knows that I have a mouse and keyboard and the monitors are not touch screens. It should be smart enough to come up with a better UI for this configuration. It's ridiculous that when I open the weather app, it goes full screen. Does Microsoft really believe four million pixels are needed to tell me if it's going to rain tomorrow?

As a developer, Metro sucks. Windows really are invaluable when programming. I want my IDE open, API docs open, the application running, a console tailing a log, and maybe even a chat window or email client running. I have more than enough pixels and I'm running an operating system called "Windows". Why can't I actually have windows?

Comment: Re:Why aren't people more hyped about the Wii U? (Score 4, Insightful) 188

by Eponymous Coward (#41779399) Attached to: Nintendo's Wii U Will Be Sold At a Loss

People aren't more hyped because console gaming just isn't that interesting anymore. In our house we have a Wii and a PS3. My kids have iPod touches, my wife has an iPad. Lots of video games are played in my house - all of them on the handheld devices. I'm the only one who ever powers up the PS3 anymore and that's to play Rocksmith once or twice a month.

The console makers aren't just competing with each other, they are also competing with platforms that have free and very low cost games. I really have a hard time spending more than $10 for a game these days. There are just too many awesome low cost choices out there these days and I don't have enough time to take advantage of all of them.

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