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Comment: Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 1) 1032 1032

Also the sports coaches are digustingly overpaid.

How do you get around the fact that there are a small number of top coaches and a large number of places that want to hire them? Athletics departments are income generators for a lot of schools and a high profile coach can have a huge impact.

Comment: Re:Tolls? (Score 1) 837 837

doesn't reflect if it was driven on private roads or out of state

It isn't a perfect system, that's for sure, but it's probably good enough. If it's based on odometer readings rather than GPS data, there are fewer privacy concerns.

Perhaps there should be a way to file for a refund if you drive out of state frequently and are willing to prove it with GPS data.

Comment: Re:Red Hat will crush Linux competitors (Score 1) 300 300

it is not Linux

Of course it isn't. It runs on Linux the same way that Gnome does or Emacs does.

Android is irrelevant to the desktop, or server, market

Since Android is by far the predominant use of Linux, you might have it backwards. The desktop and server market might be irrelevant to Linux. I would argue the server market matters, but it would be very difficult to argue that the desktop market matters at all, except for things like Chrome books.

If desktop Unix is what you want, a Mac running OSX is what you should get.

Comment: Re:And upping the Dependence on welfare / medicaid (Score 1) 289 289

I don't think social programs like basic income and universal health will happen in the US until the unemployment rate gets much higher than it is now. Once enough voters are unemployed, the political power of that group will be formidable. It's going to be a rough transition, but we'll get there.

Comment: Re:Feminism ruins society again... (Score 3, Informative) 599 599

Why would view a program intended to help girls as a put-down on men?

I'm all for programs like this. Give it a try, see what the outcome is. If it fails, end it and start the next experiment. If there are successes, tweak the program and continue.

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