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Comment: How does this compare to radio? (Score 5, Insightful) 303

How much does a radio station with, say, a million listeners pay when they broadcast a song? Pandora seems to sit somewhere between radio and Spotify as a service and so I would expect the royalty rate to be somewhat more than radio and less than Spotify.

Comment: Re:Size does matter (Score 1) 128

I think the idea is to not get hung up on the actual number it presents you, rather look for trends. I have a FitBit and my numbers each day are more or less consistent. Yes, it might be measuring me picking up my phone as a step, but I'll probably do the same thing tomorrow. For me what matters is if I try to be more active I can see my numbers go up 10%. The actual digits don't matter, just the relative change.

Comment: Re:Another silly decision (Score 1) 480

by Eponymous Coward (#49038187) Attached to: The Mathematical Case For Buying a Powerball Ticket

Probability that I have no equity after 25 years of renting a property: 100%
Probability that some great disaster means I have no equity after owning a property for 25 years: less than 1%

I think the conventional wisdom is that renting is less expensive than buying, so you take the difference and invest it in something less risky than real estate. So, after 25 years you will have no equity in your home, but you should have other investments.

Comment: Re:Which is kind of a shame (Score 4, Insightful) 314

by Eponymous Coward (#48821657) Attached to: Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing

Radio Shack has tried to serve makers. It turns out, makers are among the people most comfortable shopping online.

I was in a RS recently and they had a 3D printer display, had a rack of Arduino kits, robotics stuff, and lots of little circuit toys for kids on display.

Comment: Re: I'm sorry (Score 1) 415

I put it on 2 computers, so does that make it $5/month?

I realize that in the long run, purchasing may save more money, but for such a small amount, it's an easy buy for me. Despite the hate here, Office 2013 is pretty good software and I don't mind spending a reasonable amount of money to support it. The $10 / month for 5 computers plan seems fair to me.

Comment: Re: I'm sorry (Score 1) 415

I actually defected the other way.

When Office was $250 per license, I used OpenOffice and then Google Docs because I didn't want to spend that much money. But now that it's only $10 / month and I can (legally) install it on my desktop and laptop, it's an easy buy. I'm going to be using it quite a bit until late spring, and then I can suspend my subscription if I'm not going to need it for a while.

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